Matt Eberflus: Justin Fields is working through the offense

NFL: JUN 15 Chicago Bears Minicamp
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The first week of training camp brought some good reviews of the work being done by the Bears offense, but Monday saw the defense come up with a good day.

Sacks in the two-minute drill and inconsistency throughout the passing offense kept the Bears from having the kind of success that they hoped for during the session. It also led to questions for head coach Matt Eberflus about quarterback Justin Fields‘ progress heading into his second season.

Eberflus said the Bears are installing more plays each day and that Fields is doing all he can to make sure he masters each thing the team puts on his plate.

“I think he’s working through the offense,” Eberflus said, via “We’re putting in new plays every day. We’re changing up the scheme every day. We’re still adding plays as we go, and he’s learning the scheme. He’s learning his footwork within that play. When he has his footwork right, ball’s good, looks great. That’s what he’s continuing to do.”

The Bears will hold their first padded practice on Tuesday and that may not move the offense back into the win column, but it will give them more of what they need to evaluate where things stand after a week of training camp.

12 responses to “Matt Eberflus: Justin Fields is working through the offense

  1. When I saw him shred the Raiders in Vegas last year, I know this kid was going to be something special.

  2. Justin Fields still has a lot of proving on the field to do. I will believe it when I see it.

  3. Remember all that stuff last year about Fields scoring the highest rating ever on a mental aptitude test?

  4. I have two asks of the Bears this season.

    1. Please sign Roquan Smith

    2. Please let Justin Fields show significant improvement as QB1

  5. Working through? He should have mastered it by now. Another pretender.
    Sarcasm, I hope? I have my own degree of skepticism about whether Fields will pan out but this is literally an entire new system he’s learning this year after a rookie season under one of the least competent offensive coaches in the entire league. For all intents and purposes Fields is repeating his rookie season.

  6. I’m hopeful for Fields, but there’s a long road to being a good quarterback that needs to be proven, still. The coaching staff last year and the GM in both years hasn’t done him any favors.

  7. At this time of year, every coach and team official who has a new OC is playing up the speed at which their QB’s are digesting a new playbook. Take all with a grain of salt until you see what plays they roll out on week 1.

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