Preston Williams tweets that he wants an opportunity

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The Dolphins revamped their wide receiving corps this offseason and it appears their moves seem to have left one member of the corps feeling like he’s without a seat at the end of a game of musical chairs.

Preston Williams has spent the last three years in Miami and he’s picked up 56 catches for 787 yards and seven touchdowns while dealing with injuries that have limited him to 24 games. The Dolphins have picked up Tyreek Hill, Cedrick Wilson, Trent Sherfield, Mohamed Sanu, and fourth-rounder Erik Ezukanma to go with 2021 first-rounder Jaylen Waddle and Williams, who took to Twitter with an apparent plea for more of a chance to make an impact.

“Just want opportunity,” Williams wrote.

If the Dolphins feel certain that Williams won’t be earning that opportunity in their offense, they may be able to get something for him from a needier team before the summer is over.

14 responses to “Preston Williams tweets that he wants an opportunity

  1. He’s had plenty of opportunities throughout his tenure with the Dolphins. Maybe he should cease the opportunity with the chances he does get and possibly more would follow.

  2. He can’t stay healthy. He’s only played eight games in every season he’s been a pro.

  3. He has had the last two years to prove himself but spent all of the time injured like Parker

  4. Then EARN it! Stop crying about it and outperform someone else. Players are such crybabies these days.

  5. That’s a deep WR room in Miami. Hard to understand why Miami re signed him if they had no intent on keeping him unless they plan on trading him and the small contract he signed.

  6. Kid has potential. There are better ways of making your feelings known, like, say, a direct conversation with the coach.

  7. Has potential but the dude is always hurt; available 24 of 49 games. Good luck getting a 6 pack for him.

  8. Williams has the size needed by teams, but he is unreliable due to constant injuries and had a handful of drops when he was on the field. The problem is a good one for the Dolphins. They have one of the best WR groups and making that last spot means you need to be a major contributor to Special Team. He is not.

  9. Tweets like that should get him cut. Worthless snowflake player. Coaches see reality, not snowstorms.

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