Report: Falcons have tried and failed to trade Deion Jones

Atlanta Falcons v Buffalo Bills
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The Falcons are ready to move on from linebacker Deion Jones, but they haven’t found a team that wants to take him off their hands.

Atlanta has failed in attempts to trade Jones, Jeff Schultz of reports. However, the report adds that the Falcons have decided not to cut Jones, as that would only save about $1 million off their salary cap because of the way Jones’ contract is structured.

A team trading for Jones would take on his $9.64 million base salary for this season, and that may be more than any team is willing to pay.

Jones was a 2016 second-round pick of the Falcons who played very well early in his career, which earned him a lucrative contract extension in 2019. But he hasn’t been as effective recently, and the Falcons may no longer view him as worth the money he’s making.

5 responses to “Report: Falcons have tried and failed to trade Deion Jones

  1. A player got a big contract and never showed up again? Say it isn’t so. Not in today’s nfl!

  2. Washington likes those kind of players. They’ll throw huge dollars at guys who were once big and then like to become couch potatoes.

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