Zach Wilson going dark on social media to focus on “voices I really need to hear”

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Jets quarterback Zach Wilson was a trending topic on social media earlier this summer after an ex-girlfriend accused him of cheating on her with one of his mother’s friends, but any viral moments on social media during the regular season won’t cross his path.

Wilson told reporters at Jets training camp on Tuesday that he is deleting his social media apps ahead of the regular season in order to block out outside noise and keep his focus on things having to do with football.

“For me, it just comes down to limiting what voices I really need to hear and, right now, it’s here, hearing what my coaches have to say, what the other QBs have to say, and what my teammates are thinking on every single play,” Wilson said, via Rich Cimini of “Even parents sometimes can be a distraction.”

If all goes well for the Jets, Wilson will be missing a lot of virtual pats on the back in the coming months. If not, it’s probably for the best that he won’t have access to what’s being said about him in cyberspace.

14 responses to “Zach Wilson going dark on social media to focus on “voices I really need to hear”

  1. The games haven’t even started and already the kid is feeling the pressure. This won’t go well for the J E T S.

  2. Darnold SAW ghosts. And it was against the Patriots.

    Geesh. It’s like mixing metaphors but worse.

  3. haha

    Lots of ego stroking for NY. Lots of reading of the press clippings yet again.

    Love it!

  4. Very little that is good comes out of social media nowadays anyway.

    If I didn’t rely on it so much for sports news and the like, I would have already scrapped my accounts.

  5. two paths you can down in NY: Jeter or Gooden/Strawberry…..who know is this kid will be good, but junking social media is pure Jeter

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