Bears feeling “urgency to get it right” on offense

Chicago Bears Training Camp
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After a rocky outing by the offense in Monday’s practice, Bears head coach Matt Eberflus said that quarterback Justin Fields is working through things in a new offense with things being installed every day.

Eberflus didn’t speak to reporters on Tuesday, but would have had to address another rough day for the unit. Penalties, incompletions, and shaky pass protection were all in evidence for an offense that has more people than Fields trying to figure things out as training camp moves into its second week.

Fields also wasn’t on the press conference schedule, which left it to backup quarterback Trevor Siemian to deliver the message that the Bears know that they aren’t anywhere close to where they need to be at this point.

“There is an urgency to get it right,” Siemian said, via Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times. “You got to keep that at the forefront of your mind. You don’t want to say, ‘Hey, that’s OK. We’ll get it next time.’ It’s just a balance.”

The Bears open the preseason against the Chiefs on August 13, so there’s some time to clean things up before they give the offense a chance to work against another team and make their first impression on the wider fan base. If it’s not a good one, Eberflus and Fields will be facing more pointed questions about the direction things are going ahead of Week 1.

14 responses to “Bears feeling “urgency to get it right” on offense

  1. Every Bears headline should read, “Bears Painstakingly Plod Towards Next Offseason’s Rebuild”.

  2. They flush the whole system of carryovers and then want Swiss watch perfection? Another year of searching in the desert on the playing field and talk about Soldiers field and a dome vs. the burbs.

  3. Well obviously Nagy had no sense of urgency. Hopefully this team can pull it together quickly. All hinges on Fields production at this point, the defense will not be the same without Hicks, Goldman, Mack, etc….

    The Bears will need to start being offensive team to win in all honesty. The defensive wins games ship has sailed out of Chicago years ago!

  4. It’s all PR. They totally ignored the offense and drafted defense with all their high picks despite the defense being the better of the 2 units last year. You hire a defensive coach he’s going to take care of his unit first and the other one will have to make due with what’s left.

    The only receiver they drafted was a 25 yr old track guy. Fast in a straight line with zero agility projected to be a good return man but not going to do much to help Fields. Also a bunch of later round oline that if your lucky one or two will develop into quality backups in year 1 but will likely get Fields killed if they have to start which at least one of them does.

  5. Urgency? I can not remember the Bears ever having an impressive offense. The ’85 Bears won the Super Bowl because they were a defensive juggernaut.

  6. We have a defensive minded headcoach; a new offensive coordinator and playbook; a raw young QB; and a makeshift offensive line that’s paper mache thin for depth (if one goes down Fields would do well to panic). The reason they feel behind the power-curve is because they are and will be all year. If they manage to look functional by the end of the year, I will be pleased.

  7. Agreed that things aren’t great but give things a chance! There was a complete overhaul. Now we have a regime that will hold players accountable. The laziness and the dumb penalties were more embarassing than the poor play last year. Out with the old ways and welcome the change to hungry players! No Super Bowl this year but we are moving in the right direction. Patience grasshopper!

  8. Goldman? He hasn’t been the same since before Covid. Mack has sputtered out, at least it felt that way. Injuries, age. Maybe I’m tainged from Raiders fans saying he makes one play and takes the rest of the game off. I’m anxious to see his production in LA. Hicks, I think has another year in the tank, we’ll see.

    Agree on offense being the key. Can’t score 10 points and expect to make the playoffs.

  9. From what I’m picking up from camp reports, the biggest problems with the offense are Fields missing throws (sometimes badly) and lots of holding and false starts by the OL. In other words, same as it ever was. Not sure how much of that can be fixed by coaching before the games start to count but at least there seems to be a willingness to work at it, which was absent the past few years.

  10. So why is there talk of shopping Jenkins who hasn’t really had a shot? I would have thought the Bears needed all the bodies they could get to keep young Justin upright as well as decent receivers – St Brown, Byron Pringle and N’Keal Harry is the best we could get? SMH

  11. Urgency…that’s the answer. All these years, we just haven’t had enough urgency. I’m glad they figured it out. Championship is all but guaranteed now.

  12. Please sign Roquan Smith.

    Please don’t crap the bed Mr. Fields.

    This is all I ask for as a Bears fan.

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