Bears will play starters in preseason opener

Chicago Bears Training Camp
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The Bears are feeling some pressure to get their offense together after a week of training camp and that effort won’t pause for the team’s preseason opener.

Head coach Matt Eberflus said on Wednesday that the team’s starters, including quarterback Justin Fields, will be on the field against the Chiefs next week. Eberflus did not say how many snaps they will play or if he’d make the same decision in years to come, but he was succinct about why he believes it is the right call this time.

“I think it depends on your team,” he said. “Could it be a different spot in years to come? Yeah it can be. . . . We need to play these guys,” Eberflus said, via Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times.

The defense is also learning a new scheme and may not have starting linebacker Roquan Smith as he’s been out of practice while looking for a new contract. There’s been no word from the Chiefs if they’ll be playing their first team, but Patrick Mahomes did play one series in last summer’s preseason opener.

8 responses to “Bears will play starters in preseason opener

  1. The Chiefs, this will be a loss.

    I was hoping we would get to see Justin Fields lite up the Raiders again like last year in Vegas!

  2. They need to and even if they get some injuries it will be worth the experience under this new staff.

  3. Da Bears should definitely play their starters, they need to get going quick.

  4. Playing starters in a preseason opener is not unusual. If they play more than a series or two, then it would be something to note.

  5. Good. Matt Nagy routinely treated preseason like a joke and that’s exactly what his teams looked like when it came time to play games that counted.

  6. Roquan is going to hold out. He held out on his rookie contract way past his time. Messed up his rookie year. Look for him to do it all over again.

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