Bill Belichick: Nelson Agholor has made “a big jump” this offseason

NFL: JUL 30 New England Patriots Training Camp
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Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is loving what he’s seeing from wide receiver Nelson Agholor this offseason.

Asked about Agholor’s progress in his second year in New England, Belichick said it has been significant.

“A big jump. A big jump,” Belichick said. “He was here all offseason, had a really good offseason. He’s productive. He had a really good spring of training. He came out here, made plays down the field, which is very important, but he’s also playing well in other areas. Very few mental errors. I think he’s looked good.”

The Patriots signed Agholor last year in the hopes that he could make a major impact in their passing game, but in his first season in New England the results weren’t great, as he totaled just 37 catches for 473 yards and three touchdowns. But Belichick doesn’t sound discouraged, and is crediting Agholor for putting in the work to have bigger numbers in his second season with the Patriots.

13 responses to “Bill Belichick: Nelson Agholor has made “a big jump” this offseason

  1. Aghalor totally balled out when he was with the Raiders. I’m surprised he had such few catches and yards last year, that might be more of the offensive coordinator and the play calling and the quarterback then it is Agholor. I was definitely bumped when he left the raiders he was great.

  2. He struggled with the Patriots playbook like many other receivers. Year 2 in the system should be an improvement.

  3. They’ll be lucky if he ever plays as well for them as he did against them in the super bowl.

  4. “I’m surprised he had such few catches and yards last year, that might be more of the offensive coordinator and the play calling and the quarterback then it is Agholor.” It wasn’t anything like that. Agholor had the perfect situation in Vegas. Waller was the 1200 yard man in the middle. Then Ruggs and Agholor were the speedsters on the outside. Teams couldn’t focus too much attention to one side of the field because another speed demon was on the other, and Waller and Renfrow in the middle of the field. And Jacobs running for 1k yards as well. It led to the best season in Carr’s career, Waller’s career, Agholor’s career. In NE, Meyers, Bourne, and Henry were all reliable targets, but Agholor was the only outside receiver/speed threat. So teams just put the safety over him every play. Agholor’s presence was valuable and the extra attention paid to him did open up the middle of the field a bit more, but limited Agholor’s stats. But at the same time, Agholor probably only gets 900 yards in a stacked offense like Vegas’s was in 2020, which is why that was his career year.

  5. It all comes down to Mac…If Big Mac takes that next step then look out. New England isn’t worried about Chokeville Buffalo, or Tank City Miami, or that other club in the Jersey swamp (they don’t even play in the city they claim to be from). The real threats are the new powerhouse Bengals who are for real, and of course Kansas City who’s weakest link is their head coach, who can’t get his face out of his play sheet long enough to manage the clock properly. The Titans are a tough nut to crack, but beatable. Gonna be a fun year for sure

  6. Yawn… the real deal is QB in Tampa. Belichick is left holding broken pieces of crockery. Touting a guy who’s never broken 1000 yards. Now expecting that with noodle arm. Lol!!

  7. Good player. Pats loaded on offense across the board. Best RBs, TEs, a top 5 OL, and certainly the deepest 1-5 at WR in the conference.

    If Tre Nixon continues to look good, they’re really loaded. You’re going to see 4 WR sets and even 5 WR sets with 1 RB a lot.

    Guys will be lined up all over from the X, to the Y, to the Z, and the team will be near impossible to gameplan for on both sides of the ball with “positionless” players.

    BB has done it again.

  8. Strange how Belichick stood idly by last season with Agholar not putting in the work. He must have hollered at him this off-season.

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