Brian Gutekunst sees a more confident Jordan Love

NFL: JUL 27 Green Bay Packers Training Camp
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Packers quarterback Jordan Love impressed observers at the team’s training camp practice on Tuesday, but he downplayed attempts to say that it was his best practice of the summer.

Love said, via Jason Wilde of, that he thought he “made a couple of good throws” under pressure during the session before saying he didn’t think it was his best. He did add that being able to trust that he can make plays while on the move “does show growth” over his first two seasons in the league.

Others are noting that growth as well. General Manager Brian Gutekunst shared his view that Love has a higher belief in himself when he spoke to reporters on Wednesday.

“He’s in Year 3 . . . I think you’re seeing a more confident guy [who can say], ‘I know what’s going to happen before it happens,'” Gutekunst said, via Rob Demovsky of

With Aaron Rodgers signing a new contract this offseason, there’s no path to the starting job for Love in Green Bay at the moment. If that confidence pays off in strong play during the preseason, someone else might be inspired to make a play for the 2020 first-round pick.

31 responses to “Brian Gutekunst sees a more confident Jordan Love

  1. In practical time on the practice field this is equivalently closer to a second year than a third.

  2. The only thing left for the Packers to do for him at this point would be to give him the franchise tag

  3. Not much of a complement but he has to say something positive because he drated love. It’s really just blah blah blah at this point

  4. No matter how well he plays in the pre-season, no team will ever trade a 1st round pick for him.

  5. Go ahead and admit your mistake and trade the kid for what ever you can get. Fair thing to do for his career.

  6. No one has any patience anymore. Fans are going to bash him because he wasn’t instantly a Patrick Mahomes or Joe Burrow out the gate.

    I remember when he was drafted, people said he had great physical tools but was a little raw. Some guys need a little more time to be coached up and develop, and people who are willing to work at something and practice almost always improve.

    A few years ago, I wasn’t a very good tennis player. I got some lessons and have been working at it over the last year, and now I’m beating guys I could never beat two years ago. I guess as someone who actually plays sports, I can understand how someone who wasn’t Tom Brady on Day #1 can make still progress.

  7. My son in law has been to the practices. He thinks Love is missing throws and looks lost.
    Good luck if 12 gets hurt.

  8. A wise man told me that if you live long enough, you’ll see things that will turn the world upside down. Love might be a slow developer and a good QB someday, but cataclysmically, the Bears will have a better quarterback than the Packers.

  9. Drafting a QB of the future is a good idea. Doing it while reaching massively for someone who appears not to be as good as the low expectations were of him. Giving up a 1&2 to do so then drafting a blocking TE in the 3rd with your team a genuine contender towards the end of its window is still one of the worst drafting decisions in franchise history.

  10. The Packers will have Love for 2 more years after this one. The rub is the difference between that 2 years, and the number of years that Rogers continues to play. Use the next 2 years to figure out what you have in Love, and if and when you think he is the one, give him an extension. If not try to trade him or figure something else out.

  11. Nobody believed in Rodgers either. Until a Monday nighter when he lit the Cowboys on fire.

  12. No matter how well he plays in the pre-season, no team will ever trade a 1st round pick for him.

    Hasselbeck played about 2 dozen meaningful snaps in 3 years in Green Bay, stuck behind the Ironman.

    Wolf flipped him for a 1st.

  13. He’ll get 80 to 90% of the snaps in the exhibition games. I suppose we could wait and see how that goes. Still just 23 years old and in what amounts to his second training camp. Packers have the fifth year option if they want to use it and another year to decide. This shouldn’t be near the top of anyone’s worries list.

  14. Hype him up = Hype him up – the more hype that he has the better the draft pick down the road. He will be a backup for AR this year as there are too many other guys to get offers first – starting with Jimmy G – so patience and hype is the key. Maybe he will go to Miami if Tua flops as they dont have a first round pick next year but might have some good other assets that the Pack might want.

  15. For those that say this is just puffery from a GM trying to trade him, you couldn’t be more wrong.
    The Packers wouldn’t have dumped Benkert like they did if they had any intention of trading Love, there’s no Plan B if Rodgers gets hurt.
    Jordan Love is your backup QB for the 2022 season.

    Also, the beat writers, who’ve covered Love’s journey as a pro have noticed the difference in his play as well and are reporting it daily.
    And this has been relayed by this coaching staff and his teammates.
    And despite someone’s son in law’s astute eye, I think I’ll listen to a few other more esteemed opinions on the matter.

    Jordan Love, from Day 1, was always referred to as a raw, talented project.
    We all knew this from the various scouting reports that this was going to take a couple of seasons.
    Now, having said that, none of this means anything. Yet.
    Jordan may never reach his potential. Who knows.
    But, to write him off immediately, because he wasn’t instantly paying dividends was just dumb and shortsighted.
    But the haters are going to hate.

  16. The only thing he should be truly confident about is that he’ll be riding the pine the next two years if he stays with the Pack. What a colossal waste of a pick.

  17. if some team is interested enough in Jordan Love to trade a 5th or 6th round pick, the Packers should take it and run.

  18. Jordan Love gets a lot of abuse from folks who have not seen him play much. And he gets a lot of praise from folks who have. Take that into consideration when considering his upside.

  19. 1st round, sits on the bench his entire career. What a waste of this young man. Packer front office is a joke.

  20. Well he’s not a good evaluator of talent, so I could see him saying this

  21. Yet they keep on winning with a joke for a front office. I wish I could make sense of that.

    isitfootballseasonyet says:
    August 3, 2022 at 5:17 pm
    1st round, sits on the bench his entire career. What a waste of this young man. Packer front office is a joke.

  22. Love will be showcased in the 3 preseason games. I doubt Rodgers takes very many,… if any game snaps in preseason. I’d prefer he he plays a little bit. The starters looked horrible against N.O. in the 1st game last year after hardly playing at all in preseason. I don’t think Rodgers took any snaps.

  23. Jordan Love is a well-trained keeper. He represents the best insurance back-up you could ask for, in the event Rodgers goes down. Measure his lone first-start performance against the first-start performances of the top fifteen quarterbacks playing in the NFL today, and you’ll find him in the upper half. His lone start came against a SuperBowl-experienced defense that blitzed 68% of the plays. It was relentless. Prime-time. National TV. On-the-Road. It was also poor play-calling by LaFleur. Pathetic. Mahomes played and Love lost by -6. Nostradamus himself could not forecast the future fortunes of Jordan Love from that one game any more than the 23 teams that picked ahead of the Packers could predict the same of Aaron Rodgers, and they’re professionals. I’d take Jordan Love right now, if it were my decision.

  24. 1st round, sits on the bench his entire career. What a waste of this young man. Packer front office is a joke.

    He won’t sit on the bench his entire career.

    He’ll sit until is a better QB than Rodgers, or until Rodgers retires.

    .. I bet 31 other front offices wishes they had the dilemma of a talented QB sitting behind a back-to-back MVP who has won 39 games the last 3 years.

  25. Love doesn’t even yet have the same pre-starter experience Rodgers had at this point in his career.

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