Browns no comment NFL’s decision to appeal Deshaun Watson’s six-game suspension

Cleveland Browns Training Camp
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Deshaun Watson signed autographs for the military after practice Wednesday and then chatted with the Browns’ public relations staff on the field. That’s perhaps when he learned that the NFL is appealing his six-game suspension.

He surely wasn’t surprised.

The Browns’ organization had no comment on the league’s decision, Mary Kay Cabot of reports.

Disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson issued her ruling Monday of a six-game suspension for Watson. The league wants a tougher penalty for the quarterback’s violation of the league’s Personal Conduct Policy.

The league said Wednesday that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will determine who hears the appeal. Goodell has the option under the Collective Bargaining Agreement to consider the appeal himself or to appoint a designee to do so.

The NFL Players Association also had the opportunity to appeal but declined.

The appeal ruling is final and binding to all parties, though the NFLPA and Watson could file suit.

15 responses to “Browns no comment NFL’s decision to appeal Deshaun Watson’s six-game suspension

  1. So the guy who saw the Ray Rice video and let him play after a two game suspension believes he is more equipped to make this decision than a Judge.

    It wasn’t until the video was leaked and the public spoke up that this idiot suspended Ray Rice indefinitely

  2. Why in the world would the NFLPA agree to let Goodell ultimately let rule on discipline in this CBA? Everyone got fooled on that deal.

  3. I hope Watson is suspended for the entire season and then stinks it up when he returns. Karma.

  4. Why would Cleveland comment?

    The Browns were fleeced by Watson and the Texans!

    Not much for the Browns to say, but oops!

  5. 3 first rounders and 230 mil, guaranteed; and all that buys ya is “no comment.”

  6. The longer the suspension, the more massages Deshaun can schedule…happy ending for him either way…pun intended.

  7. It’s pretty clear this organization is filled with scumbags that don’t care about humans in general. It’s too bad they can’t lose every game for the rest of their existence

  8. Had enough yet Cleveland? For 2 seasons it’s been all Watson all the time and not 1 down of football played but at least you got an “adult” in your quarterback room

  9. These browns players and coaches have been put in such a horrible position having to defend this piece of garbage. This will go down as the worst trade in sports history

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