Frank Reich says Reggie Wayne is making an “unbelievable” impact as Colts’ WR coach

NFL: JUL 28 Indianapolis Colts Training Camp
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When Colts head coach Frank Reich hired Reggie Wayne as the wide receivers coach in March, he knew he was adding an all-time great player to his coaching staff. But he didn’t know how quickly Wayne would adjust to the coaching life.

Just a week into training camp, Reich has been blown away by how good Wayne is at teaching wide receivers to play the game the way that Wayne played it as a six-time Pro Bowler for the Colts.

Reggie’s been unbelievable,” Reich said, via “I cannot tell you how fast an adjustment he’s made to the coaching life. He’s had an impact in that room already, you can see it. A couple of things technically that he brings to the table, the way he’s teaching them to get in and out of breaks, I think. I see it, I saw it in OTAs. I feel like we’ve gotten better and then, I just think the air of confidence that Reggie has and that he’s played and played at such a high level.”

Wayne, who last played in 2014, said some of the younger Colts receivers don’t even realize he played for the team. But they quickly come to realize that Wayne can help them get better.

“These guys, they play Madden all day. I’m not on Madden anymore,” Wayne said. “It’s just a different world, different feel. But to some degree I think that’s good. That way I can teach them who I am as I teach them how to get better.”

Reich thinks the Colts are going to have a better receiving corps this season, thanks to the presence of Wayne on the staff.

9 responses to “Frank Reich says Reggie Wayne is making an “unbelievable” impact as Colts’ WR coach

  1. Pats fan here (so I am not a homer about this)
    I always thought precision route runners like Reggie Wayne would make good coaches.
    Also, by playing with Manning and Luck, he has an exceptional feel for timing and knowing how to NOT telegraph what route you are going out on.
    He always was extremely clean coming out of his breaks.
    Glad to see he can stay in the game doing this. He always seemed like one of the good guys.

  2. Too bad he didn’t make an unbelievable impact against the Saints in the SuperBowl when he threw the game for his hometown as instructed. Get that traitor out of here.

  3. “These guys, they play Madden all day. I’m not on Madden anymore“

    Neither is any real man over the age of 20 Reggie…

  4. Won’t be a bit surprised if the Colts are the AFC Super Bowl representative.

  5. Reggie learned from one of the best (Marvin Harrison) and taught T.Y. Hilton (also was good in his prime) and the Colts are lucky to have him as a coach

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