John Lynch: Jimmy Garoppolo is cleared to practice with no restrictions

San Francisco 49ers Practice
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For now, Jimmy Garoppolo is still a member of the 49ers.

But San Francisco is still looking for a trade partner for their former starting quarterback.

After undergoing offseason shoulder surgery that prevented an earlier trade, Garoppolo is now cleared to practice. But he’s been working separately from the team during training camp.

“We’ve just made the decision that it’s in his best interest to be off to the side and that was made mutually,” G.M. John Lynch said in a recent press conference. “It was made with Dr. [Neil] ElAttrache, but he has no restrictions and I’m watching him throw out here right now. He looks pretty good.”

But even as Garoppolo goes through his program, it doesn’t seem like anything is imminent on the trade front.

“Jimmy’s doing a really good job,” Lynch said. “Kind of building his stamina in the throwing program that was prescribed all along and working out really strongly and aggressively, but yeah that situation is kind of where we’ve described it before. We’ll stay patient through this one as well and come to a great conclusion for everybody involved.”

In 15 starts last season, Garoppolo completed 68.3 percent of his passes for 3,810 yards with 20 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.

21 responses to “John Lynch: Jimmy Garoppolo is cleared to practice with no restrictions

  1. The only restrictions Jimmy has are his employers. The 49ers are a disgrace for how they’ve treated him, from York all the way down past Lynch to Shanahan

  2. So the 49ers are the only people who think they will get anything for Jimmy G. Just release him already, teams aren’t even giving up a ham sandwich at this point.

  3. It’s bad enough they made a horrible trade to move up and get a not-so-ready-for-primetime-player but now they are treating Jimmy G. like he’s nothing more than a dollar sign. Zero compassion for him as a human being. Can’t imagine how the rest of the players feel about it. I know I’d think twice before signing with the Niners if I were a FA. Heck, even if I were under contract with them. I’d be inclined to play my Kirk Cousins card and let ’em tag me before re-upping with them.

  4. The 49ers chose this path. There was no way to trade all of those picks, draft Lance, sit the rookie for a year, AND get something for Jimmy a season later. Of course they can still try. Jimmy will get a lot of interest…as a free agent. Teams have called the 49ers’ bluff and it was a little embarrassing.

    I am good with the choice as they went to the NFCCG last year, it was worth it. They would have got the most for Jimmy trading him in that draft, they decided to win now instead.

  5. Yep. Keep him to the side away from the team. Wouldn’t want him rattling the team’s confidence by outplaying Lance.

  6. Kyle Shanahan is as big of a fool as his dad. Mike Shanahan dumped Jake Plummer who had a 39-15 record with the Broncos to get a shiny new toy, Jay Cutler…who ended up 17-20 for the Broncos. Kyle dumps Jimmy G whose record is 35-16 with the 49ers, for Lance. Kyle’s record as a head coach with any QB other than Jimmy G is 8-28! So much for the argument that the “system” is responsible for Jimmy’s winning percentage. The 49ers’ problem is a head coach that pays no attention to his defense. It was the defense that collapsed in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl and the 4th quarter of the NFC championship last year.

  7. The Niners paid Jimmy handsomely. He’s made life changing money in his time with the Niners and he won a lot of games. It just seems the Niners don’t believe they can win the Super Bowl with him so they drafted Trey to help get them there. He is Shanahans handpicked QB so they sat him a year to learn and now they’re going to let him play

    Neither side owes anything other than respect and professionalism throughout this transition. Both sides are in it for themselves yet they are trying to find a mutual conclusion to this saga

  8. The 49ers went to the final four last year. So many bitter fans of teams who fell short of that are on here dissing Shanahan, Lynch, and Trey Lance. Come back at the end of this season and we’ll see where the chips have fallen.

  9. There was only one team (SF) who was going to draft Trey Lance high. They could have gotten the same QB in later rounds. The GM and the Coach both goofed on this mess they made. It will end up costing both of them their jobs when it is all said and done. Who knows Lance might turn out to be decent but it will not happen while Lynch and Shanahan are there. Lance has at least two ruff years ahead before the game will slow down at this level. Just bad management all the way around.

  10. My Dad believed that “If a man can understand the “why” of something, he could deal with just about anything” which is what I had to fall back on when the Jimmy Garoppolo-Trey Lance drama first started. I watched the critiques pro and con unfold and sat on a fence until I came across a Tampa Bay Buc beat writer’s quote from a Buc’s coach who said, “If Garoppolo could throw a deep ball, he would’ve won two super bowls already.” There it was, that is what the team and the NFL is hanging its hat on, why there’s no trade partners, and why the team is cutting him loose. It is all about the money – again.

  11. (2) 1st rd picks Lynch originally wanted for Jimmy G turned into (2) 2nd rd picks and here we are still trying to wait for something that isn’t going to happen. $25million 1 year contract for Another team in August is laughable. Cut him already and at least it will look like your taking care of him rather than waiting till the end of august before the $25 million becomes guaranteed. Bad look right now Kyle and John

  12. harrisbarton says:
    August 3, 2022 at 11:41 am
    The 49ers went to the final four last year.

    Yeah Garoppolo took them there.

  13. Offer him 12 mil to stay on as the backup this year. What happens when Lance misses five games with injuries? (He will). Season down the drain.

  14. Just keep the guy already for the reasons already mentioned here. Even if he doesn’t see the field this year he’ll get a chance at starting job in 2023. Far worse fates than in life than being a highly paid backup QB.

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