NFL appeals Deshaun Watson six-game suspension

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The NFL wants to suspend Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson more than six games.

That became clear today when the league announced that it will appeal discipline officer Sue Robinson’s decision to suspend Watson six games.

Although Robinson was jointly hired by the NFL and NFL Players Association, for the appeal the deck is stacked in the NFL’s favor: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell decides who hears the appeal, or Goodell can choose to hear the appeal himself. Goodell has not said who will hear the appeal of Watson’s suspension.

But whoever hears it, it’s highly likely that the NFL will prevail, and Watson will face a longer suspension — perhaps for the entire 2022 season.

76 responses to “NFL appeals Deshaun Watson six-game suspension

  1. This process is a sham. First case gets appealed! Union needs to nuclear on Roger here. If they don’t there is no point in the union existing.

  2. Time for the hypocrite Goodell to punish Watson while ignoring the transgressions of the owners.

  3. Honestly, if Zeke got 6 games, without ever having been charged or even sued by anyone, I don’t know HOW DW could get the same suspension.

  4. Player discipline in the NFL is a joke. Watson can get a 4 year suspension and nothing will change that fact. SMH

  5. So what’s the point of having a neutral arbitrator (Sue Robinson), if Goodell is ultimately making his own decisions. It’s a terrible look and Sue Robinson should just resign. There’s literally no point in having her.

  6. Well since watson is sueing the NFL, he will end up playing this entire season while the courts settle things out. Im sure that is exactly how the NFL wanted it to play out.

  7. Dude commits serial sexual assaults and gets 6 games, but Kareem Hunt kicks a drunk lady, who attacked him, and gets 8 games??????

  8. Suspend Sue L for the remainder of the season. Her ruling was borderline delusional.

  9. So what’s the point of bringing in Sue Robinson? None of this makes any sense. Employers shouldn’t even be in the business of punishing employees for actions that take place outside of the workplace.

  10. The NFL is well aware that their product is taking sustained damage that will start to have lasting impact. I think the era of sweeping under the rug and waiting for the news cycle to shift the narrative is over. Watson is toast.

  11. So the NFLPA knowingly agreed to the stacked deck that allows Roger to adjudicate issues like this, but is upset that the deck is stacked? Well played.

  12. Be careful what you wish for NFL, you have a lot of skeletons in your closet.

  13. Two years suspension with no pay and a $10 million fine (last years pay) that goes to the victims. Set a real precedent to use for future. Maybe then he’ll get it.

  14. The NFLPA is probably going to take it to court where they have never won. If I was a player and they did, I would want to know why they would want to waste my dues for a serial sexual abuser!

  15. “So what was the point in even having that first hearing?”

    To determine guilt. Once Judge Robinson determined that Watson was guilty, the penalty for his actions became subject to Goodell.

  16. Watson can try to sue and maybe get to play this year, but he is ultimately going to lose and if he has to sit out next year it could cost him over $40M vs $1M this year. Let’s see how smart he is.

  17. Might as well set the court date. Watson’s team will sue after the NFL wins the appeal.

  18. So the fancy new personal conduct disciplinary process has turned out to be……….the same old one that didn’t work before. Congratulations Rodger!

  19. Watson should get a year suspension at the least even if the allegations haven’t been proven way too many to just be 6 games. Funny how the Dolphins story drops just as this farce of a ruling came out. The cynical part of me thinks it was done to make the league look good.

  20. If Calvin Ridley is suspended 1 year and will lose his entire $11 Million salary over a bet in a game he didn’t play, yeah, Dashaun Watson deserves a whole lot more than that. At 6 games and 1/3 of his $1 million salary (cause he got most it in signing bonus), is peanuts.

  21. Not a Browns fan but NFL should go with Arbitrator’s decision, otherwise why have one. Just going to undermine any fair process

  22. Goodell’s playing the public for dummies. The appeal is a sham so he can say, “look we tried our best.” If the appeal was real, he’d choose himself to be the final arbiter, which he can.

  23. Deshaun is gonna have quit the lawsuit in federal court. Precedent already set. NFL owners will be on trail for there crimes. This won’t go well for the NFL and will be the end of Roger. He gave into the woke mob.

  24. If the NFL does comes up with their previous offer to the NFLPA which was 12 games and 10 millions, or more, we have to ask ourselves the justification for Judge Robinson inquiry in the first place. I hope the NFL does respect the process, and comes up with something like 10 games.

  25. If I’m Watson’s lawyer I make this about Kraft going to the Japanese Sauna, Jones’s VP putting a camera in cheerleaders locker room and Snyder passing around pic’s of naked cheerleaders like they were playing cards. no punishment for them.

  26. It’s time for Ted Wells to investigate. Bring on the multimillion-dollar investigation. At the bare minimum, Watson shouldn’t be allowed to play at all next season.

  27. Roger Goodell’s subjective will include 3 phantom holding calls on Browns O- lineman in every game they play this year.

  28. 1 game minimum for each case he settled, and if the NFLPA appeals then the suspension doesn’t start until AFTER the appeals process is exhausted

  29. He didn’t get 6 games! He already sat out all of last year. Fine him last year’s salary. We’re starting at a baseline of 23 games. Why does no one else see this?

  30. Ask the Saints how that Goodell “judge and jury thing” works and the Browns will know what to expect.

  31. a 100 games hahaha … I think 17 would be correct and no playoff eligibility this year. And a proper fine of $10million

  32. What a joke. So much for an impartial judge. I hope the NFLPA goes to court and it’s 0 games.

  33. If the NFLPA allows a longer suspension they will continue to be the weakest most embarrassing union in galactic history.

  34. tinman says:
    August 3, 2022 at 4:58 pm
    If I’m Watson’s lawyer I make this about Kraft going to the Japanese Sauna, Jones’s VP putting a camera in cheerleaders locker room and Snyder passing around pic’s of naked cheerleaders like they were playing cards. no punishment for them.

    THIS 100%!!!!!

  35. bostonsportsfan111 says: Set a real precedent to use for future. Maybe then he’ll get it.


    And Bob Kraft walks knowing his money got him off the hook.
    Nice precedent…
    They’re both creeps

  36. This is NFL’s failed attempt to look good in the public domain. Watson’s 6 game suspension will be upheld. The NFL will be unable to justify a year suspension for violation of the league’s personal conduct policy, when there’s no precedent of a player that wasn’t criminally convicted.

  37. Called this too. This is who the NFL is and the scum NFL owners. They are ok as long as Judges rule in their favor. This whole process is a sham and a charade

  38. After what they did to Vontaze Burfict and Aldon Smith, a 6 game suspension for that many lawsuits for the same thing is absurd.

  39. Everyone’s doing a good job of calling out the NFL, the process, and Watson.

    What you’re not doing a good job of is calling out the browns. It’s obvious there’s quite a few scumbags in this organization that don’t care about humans.

  40. How about if the players stage a collective walk-out Week 1 with no advanced notification. NO YEAR LONG SUSPENSION FOR WATSON then.

  41. Good on the nfl office. The sham contract to minimize the fine puts Cleveland management where they belong, in the toilet.

  42. It’s going to be the full season. It has to be. It’s the only way that people will (eventually) stop talking about it this year. And it should be a full season anyways. Hopefully Roger makes the call soon. Enough of this already.

  43. I thought the appeal wouldn’t happen, so pleasantly surprised by the NFL for a change.
    All this NFPLA will sue in courts is rubbish and click bait, unless Watson continues to be an idiot as well as a sexual predator ?
    He and the Browns, must have known a year suspension was coming, why else only $1 mil salary for this season? If they fight the NFL in courts, he’ll just end up losing $44 mil the following season.
    Having said that imo he should be kicked out of the NFL permanently

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