Robert Saleh: Joe Flacco should be a starter in this league

New York Jets Training Camp
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It’s been three seasons and two teams ago since Joe Flacco was a starter in the NFL. The quarterback has made only five starts the past two seasons for the Jets.

Yet, Jets coach Robert Saleh insists that Flacco, at age 37, still could start full time in the NFL.

He should be, in my opinion,” Saleh said of Flacco as a starter, via Cody Benjamin of CBS Sports. “He could start in this league. I believe that. Sometimes this league has a tendency to pigeonhole people, or put labels on people, and then their opportunities kind of get limited. But Joe Flacco is a starting quarterback in this league. He’s really, really talented.”

Flacco is entering his third season with the Jets. He mentored Sam Darnold in 2020, and Zach Wilson in 2021 after the Jets moved on from Darnold and drafted Wilson. In between those two quarterbacks, Flacco backed up Jalen Hurts briefly in Philadelphia.

Saleh gushed about how big a part of the quarterbacks room Flacco is.

“His presence, his demeanor, the way he goes about his business, he is fantastic,” Saleh said. “He is an open book (for Wilson and the other QBs). . . . He is phenomenal. He really is.”

Flacco led the Ravens to a Super Bowl XLVII victory over the 49ers, winning Super Bowl MVP honors. He has made 176 regular-season starts and 15 in the postseason.

17 responses to “Robert Saleh: Joe Flacco should be a starter in this league

  1. Sounds like Saleh is already making his case to bench Zach Wilson. I guess he isn’t impressed with what he has seen in camp from Wilson so far.

  2. Flacco may be able to start, I’m not sure he would be able to win anymore. Maybe the Jets should run him out there.

  3. “He should be, in my opinion,” Saleh said of Flacco as a starter …


    Yeah, Robert, for your team. He’s better than the kid.

  4. I mean… probably. But we all know what his ceiling is. Teams would rather take a chance on a kid who might be great than a vet who is good enough, but will never get better. But he’s got the absolute perfect skillset for a backup QB.

  5. Hard to imagine why Saleh feels the need to put this statement out there. What does it do for him? I hope he gets something out of it because it makes him look clueless. Not a good look if you aspire some day to have control of the roster too (of course he’ll need to do a hell of a lot of winning before that’s on the table).

  6. Flacco still possesses a canon. And if the Jets can somehow get into the playoffs, January Joe will reward them.

  7. Believe it or not his mobility played a part in his success in Baltimore. That’s gone now. He still has that ridiculous arm strength though.

    He’s not a starter anymore, but can come in and upset a D here and there.

  8. I’d tend to agree that Flacco is probably still good enough to be a bottom half of the league starter at this point. But guys like Flacco tend to get squeezed out by rookies and other young guys who need time to develop. It’s really not enough to be good at the QB position, with 3-5 first round picks every year (except last year) coming into the league, you really have to be basically a top 10-12 ish QB or you’re getting squeezed out sooner rather than later. Flacco’s lucky to have won a super bowl that extended his career.

    The thing is, no one really wants to go into a season with a serviceable guy like Flacco or Garropolo anymore. They want a proven star QB, or they at least want someone with potential still on his rookie deal. I guess the exception is in Minnesota, and their record under Cousins is the reason no one else is really following that blueprint.

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