Shane Waldron: Geno Smith continues to get more first-team reps than Drew Lock


The Seahawks are fewer than six weeks away from a Monday night showdown with the Broncos and Russell Wilson. So when will the Seahawks know who the successor to Wilson will be?

“Denver,” offensive coordinator Shane Waldron told reporters on Tuesday.

Waldron added that the team has a plan. It’s clear that they won’t be sharing it until they have to.

Waldron also was asked why Drew Lock has gotten second-team reps. The answer suggested that Lock is getting some first-team reps, but that most are going to Geno Smith.

“We have a plan there,” Waldron said. “There are also a lot of different things with the walkthroughs and everything we have going. There have been a few scenarios out here where there has been some overlap. We are just going with our plan here of evaluating those guys and evaluating everything that they are doing. Right now, the way that it has worked out, Geno has been a little bit more with the one’s than Drew, but there is some mixing and matching going on and we will continue to do that throughout camp and until the time that we make the decision.”

Waldron said Lock “has done a really nice job of picking up the offense,” and that on Monday Lock did a good job of “finishing strong and keeping a levelheaded mind set throughout the course of a day.”

Lock arrived from Denver as part of the Wilson trade. Smith has spent multiple years with Seattle as the backup to Wilson.

Last year, Lock lost a training-camp battle in Denver with Teddy Bridgewater.

7 responses to “Shane Waldron: Geno Smith continues to get more first-team reps than Drew Lock

  1. Either Smith or Lock will beat Russell (BLAH BLAH LOOK AT ME BLAH BLAH)Wilson on 1st Monday night game.

  2. Everybody watched Geno last year lol. Seattle tanking if he starts again over literally anyone.

  3. Pete Carroll knows what he is doing, which is more than you can say for a number of NFL head coaches.

  4. One just has to look at the Seahawks history with Wilson to see what their plan is. Wilson got almost zero 1st team reps until late in the preseason, yet he was the starter on day 1.

    The Seahawks know what they have in Geno. He’s been on a series of one year contracts, making him a FA after each season. It’s not like he had a bunch of teams clamoring to sign him.

    On the other hand they don’t know what they have in Lock and they will need to find that out some time this year. They may not want to throw him into the Denver fire on week one, but they will start him at some point during the season.

  5. It makes sense to start Geno because next year there will be many QBs to draft, and Geno will help you get one.

    Why did they want Locke? thats a waste of cap money.

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