Tom Brady turns 45 today

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At one point in his career, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady would say regarding the intended duration of his career, “10 more years.” At some point, his standard response became until he turns 45.

Finally, he’s there. As of today, he’s 45.

It’s a truly amazing accomplishment, beyond his seven championships and the many career records he continues to compile. And it’s unclear how much longer he’ll play.

He doesn’t want a farewell tour, so we’ll never knew when it’s his last year. At this point, we’ll just have to assume that each year is his last year.

We also should assume it’s his last year in Tampa Bay, given the news that emerged on Tuesday.

But this isn’t the time or the place to chastise him for his role in the Dolphins tampering fiasco. That time is coming. (Soon.) For now, happy birthday, Tommy. Enjoy your carrot cake. Which is probably literally a carrot with a candle in it.

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  1. The fact he’s still not only playing at 45YRs old but still STARTING at his age is mind blowing, just insane. I’m a Cards fan so I know Kyler Murray’s age, he is 24. Brady was in college when K1 was born, he was starting kindergarten in 03 when Brady won his first Super Bowl. Think about how crazy that ks, and now they’re peers in the NFL. Brady is more than twice the age of most incoming rookies. The fact he’s still playing at the level he is amazing. To be this good at 45 is extremely rare, I don’t think we’ll ever see another QB who’s on top of his game at 45.

  2. Happy Birthday. A lot of people give up in their 40’s, get fat, get lazy etc…they think it’s the natural progression of things. It’s not, and Tom proves it by showing respect for himself by adhering to a healthy diet and a disciplined workout routine. Very inspirational.

  3. I know everyone speculates, but I really think this may be the last ride , unless somehow he can get on the niners next season because it’s pretty well known that playing for the team he grew up rooting for is his last big thing he wants to do


    I’ll never forget seeing him and Peyton go at it opening night 2004 when we raised the banner and Vanderjagt missed the game tying field goal.

    Lets goooooooooooooooooooo

  5. Those hits on a 45 year old body this year are going to take toll, especially after his center went down. If I was an opposing team I would start out every game with tight coverage and blitz the living daylights out of him making sure he gets hit hard and often (of course within the rules). I wouldn’t care if it leads to a few early scores because it will pay off by the second half.

  6. The guy who took hometown discounts continuously and then asked and was refused an extension doesn’t deserve chastising from anyone, nor does he owe an apology to anyone, least of all the team that didn’t offer up an extension to the guy who brought 6 titles to town. Not only does he not owe an apology, when we didn’t extend him it should have been assumed he was shopping elsewhere. Not a very nice thank you for adding several billion dollars in value to the Pats franchise.

  7. Omg! Grandpa
    Yeah I would want give my time to my teenage children but each is there own

  8. Probably his last year, however if it’s not why do we assume he would go to another team? Apparently, the motive to leave the Bucs were Bruce Arians and the Dolphins offering him some ownership status. Neither of those are a factor at this point. The Glazers and the Bucs have done nothing but treat him like gold here and it’s not a bad place to live and work.

  9. Meh! It’s no big deal. I am a 4 time MVP and when I’m done playing at 50, I’ll have 10 SB rings. Just you wait and see. They will then call me a goat’s goat. After all, I am #1,

  10. bostonbeans says:
    August 3, 2022 at 8:57 am
    I’ve los a lot of respect for Tommy Traitor


    Brady and Gronk walked because I’d BB’s antics in the SB when he refused to put Malcom Butler in the game. After years of preaching “team first”, BB’s true colors were exposed

  11. Happy Birthday TB12. For the haters of Tom, ANY PLAYER let alone QB to play as long as him and at that level is a one in 100 yr player! As 4 cheating. TB12 played better with the ball legal. Just enjoy watching the GOAT. All of us at his age now can only respect what he’s done. The haters just are not fans of the game. He is truly amazing. Happy Birthday Tom

  12. Just enjoy the final months or years of a fantastic career n where the guy was drafted should have been a camp body then off to something else but who else can measure the heart, soul and the desire to compete which has led to where he is today as frankly he has no real rationale to still play …. and it would be nice to see the final days in SF should fate work itself out but let that be determined by his play n wot wifey has to say.

  13. Well-stated canadianpatsfan–

    Even now with the Bucs he’s only making $25 mil—16th in the NFL, for arguably the best player. His smaller salary allowed them to sign Gage, re-sign Jensen, resign Godwin, resign Carlton Davis, resign Lombardi Lenny. Contrast that with Dak Presott and Zeke Elliot taking something like 20% of the Cowboys cap space

  14. The recent news is very disappointing. I preferred Patriot Tom, Insprational Team First Leader, over Tampa Tom, NFL Diva.

  15. Brady’s detractors cling to Deflategate, cite it at every opportunity, in an attempt to tarnish his transcendant career. They produce not one smudge. Deflategate was a non-scandal. There’s a video on YouTube in which a physics professor at MIT — you know, a real dope — explains the science that proves that the deflation was caused naturally, by the elements that day. But haters can’t be bothered with science or truth. They’d rather wallow in their ignorance and take every chance they get to, well, lob spitballs at a battleship. Happy Birthday, 12.

  16. User to find Tom totally inspiring. Now he’s kinda sad. Dying his hair plugs, , being a narcissist, demanding attention all the time. He’s totally without grace and desperate for attention. You think he could find some other Internet besides playing a kids game. The back 9 is going to be brutal after all those hits.

  17. Bill Belichick wanted Jimmy G to be the starter and even threw a tantrum about it so Brady looked elsewhere. That’s reality truth hurts Belichickites. Happy Birthday to the guy that gave us 6 Super Bowls and the greatest QB of all time.

  18. From age 37 through 44, Tom Brady has won four Super Bowls and 17 playoff games. No quarterback in NFL history has ever won 17 playoff games … in their entire career.

  19. Happy Birthday old man, well by playing standards anyway. People going to hate for sure over jealousy, live your life to the fullest and when you are truly ready, then hang up the cleats.

  20. Brady asked Kraft before the season that he have a chance to explore his options that year and Brady knew there was no punishment for for players related to tampering. It’s not news to me. I assumed that was happening given Brady’s stature. It doesn’t really matter. Happy 45th to the best QB ever.

  21. I’m so glad Boston and New England have some real sports heroes like Orr, Teddy Ballgame, Russell, Bird and Grogan who all had integrity and would never cheat or pull off a stunt like this for his own ego.

    They’re the ones that deserve admiration and respect.

  22. Staying on the fan side of things, thank you, Tom, for 20 years of finally looking forward to Patriots games every week. You brought a lot of happiness to fans who were used to years and years of losing. 6 championships is way more than any fan base could ever ask for…Happy 45th to the GOAT! You will always be appreciated in New England by the fans. If we could have decided the ending, you would still be here.

  23. It puts a smile on my face knowing that Brady’s haters, their children and their children’s children, will live their lives and grow old and likely never see another QB come close to Brady’s accomplishments. Long after terms like Deflategate are lost to the dustbin of history, Brady’s records will still stand and then, as now, not a single one will have an asterisk next to it.

  24. He is playing with players young enough to be his grand kinds. How embarrassing.

  25. If he can manage his money, he should be able to retire 22 or 23 years from now.

  26. Happy Birthday Thomas! My favorite quarterbacks Johnny Unitas, Joe Montana and Tom Brady, don’t see that changing now or ever. There are many other quarterbacks I like a lot but that is my top three and the birthday boy is sure special!

  27. Brady looks just like Alex Rodriguez did when Rodriguez was using peds and HGH. Of course goodell won’t dare drug test his son Brady. A total fake. He cheats on and off the field. Biggest asterisk in the history of sports.

  28. And I thought I was the only one who felt Brady was related to Lance Armstrong some how. Good to know there are others out there that agree.

  29. Is there really people calling Brady a diva because he has the audacity to have a birthday? Tough crowd

  30. phinatic29 says:
    August 3, 2022 at 3:25 pm

    Yeah go with the “washed” comment, clearly it’s ages well

  31. When Tom and his wife gave up their home in CA to build a mansion next to Kraft I expected Tom had the next phase of his life planned out.

    He wound buy a piece of the team from Kraft and be its face when Kraft took a step back or passed. Boston is a vibrant city, steeped in history (including sports history), a multicultural oasis, an educational and medical Mecca. Brookline is an ideal community to make a life.

    Instead, he exited to a beach oriented city on Florida’s Gold Coast that’s culturally very different from Boston. Brady was understated in MA, team first but now he’s an omnipresent commercial presence. It us and we, now it’s I and me. That’s his tight. He’s earned his success. It’s just not the Brady we came to admire.

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