Trent Williams: Trey Lance has given everybody confidence

San Francisco 49ers Training Camp
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The 49ers have effectively moved on at quarterback from Jimmy Garoppolo to Trey Lance, with the latter as the clear QB1 in this year’s training camp.

With Garoppolo undergoing offseason shoulder surgery, Lance has really been the starter going back to the spring. Given what San Francisco gave up in the trade to select Lance at No. 3 overall, that’s no surprise.

In an interview with NFL Network on Tuesday, left tackle Trent Williams said Lance has taken to the role well.

“He’s given everybody confidence,” Williams said, via Eduardo Razo of “He’s giving everybody confidence in his ability and his poise, the way he commands [the] huddle.”

While Williams knows there will be some growing pains with a young quarterback, Lance has demonstrated an ability to get past them.

“I’m impressed that he won’t make the same mistake twice,” Williams said. “And I think from a young quarterback, that’s all you can ask for because they’re going to make mistakes, and that’s part of the learning curve.

“But if he’s not repeating those mistakes, I think we can be better as a team, and that’s what he’s showing us, and that’s why we’re confident in him.”

The 49ers made it to the NFC Championship Game last year with Garoppolo behind center. Lance has plenty to prove, but if everything goes right, the club could once again be a real contender in the conference.

9 responses to “Trent Williams: Trey Lance has given everybody confidence

  1. Trent: Hey Trey, do these skinny jeans make me look fat?
    Trey: No Trent, they make you look svelte.
    Trent: Thanks Trey, you really give me lots of confidence.

  2. With Trey throwing interceptions running the scout team in practice you would think Jaquiski Tartt would have had the confidence to make a crucial interception on game day.

  3. You have to think, in the back of Trent’s teammate’s minds… they have to wonder if he is going to quit on them like he did with his teammates in DC.

  4. Who are the 49ers trying to pump up; the fans or Trey himself? Let his play do the talking, and quit trying to sell us on this kid.

  5. Sorry Trey but there really doesn’t seem to be much confidence in the future of the team with you leading it!

  6. What do the 49ers do if Lance doesn’t look good and Garoppolo is gone?

    If they go with Lance, and he’s a bust, are the GM and or HC at risk of losing their jobs?

    If you trade up to draft a QB #3, and he redshirts his first year, he better look at least OK his second year, else you likely have a bust need to draft a QB in 2023. the question is “Who des the drafting?”
    If its the same HC/GM and they draft another bust are they gone?

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