Tua Tagovailoa: I think the Dolphins are all-in with me and the guys we have now

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Now that the NFL has punished the Dolphins and owner Stephen Ross for tampering, it’s clear that the club was once again trying to replace quarterback Tua Tagovailoa with Tom Brady.

The 2021 season was filled with rumors that Miami was going to trade for Deshaun Watson, which meant Tagovailoa had to spend plenty of his time in press conferences addressing them. Now that the Brady revelations have come to light, Tagovailoa was asked in his Wednesday media session what he thought about the Dolphins’ punishment for pursuing the seven-time Super Bowl winner and former Saints head coach Sean Payton.

“I would say everyone heard about it yesterday when we went into the locker room, seeing it on the TV,” Tagovailoa said. “For me, I have no idea about all the details other than what was shown on TV with the $1.5 million fine and then something happening with Brady — I mean, I don’t know all the details. I don’t even know what happened. But I got to talk to a couple of the guys to kind of find out what was going on. And everyone’s wondering the same thing, so not too sure.”

As a follow-up, a reporter asked how it made Tagovailoa feel about his standing with the team.

“I remember I came in 2020, so whatever happened in 2019, I can’t even speak on that,” Tagovailoa said. “I was here in 2020 and I’m still here and I’m blessed to be here. If it has to do with support from the team, I think the team’s all-in with me and all the guys that we have now.”

That may be true at this point, if for no other reason than the team doesn’t really have many other options on Aug. 3. But unless Tagovailoa has a particularly strong 2022, Dolphins ownership may get more wandering eyes for a different quarterback in 2023.

24 responses to “Tua Tagovailoa: I think the Dolphins are all-in with me and the guys we have now

  1. Time will tell.

    Lets see in Week 8 whether or not you are holding back the offense, and if so, which one of Bridgewater/Jimmy G have taken your job.

  2. All in for last place maybe. They’ll be drafting your replacement next year and for Dolphins fans sake better be a new GM.

  3. They’re all in because they couldn’t get Brady or Watson after pursuing both not because they are sold on Tua being a good QB. Hopefully he can make progress with better protection and a new offensive minded head coach. He didn’t have much of a shot behind that godawful o-line last year.

  4. Right now? Yes. Future? You don’t know until there is a contract extension sitting in front of you.

  5. All the haters please make sure you remember your opinions on Tua that you have now and don’t come back jumping on the bandwagon when he proves all of you wrong !!

  6. Umm… doesnt taking away the Dolphins 2023 first rounder only make it MORE likely that Brady goes to Miami if Tua doesn’t have a great year this year?

  7. Losing that 1st round pick puts more pressure on him to pan out. We needed that draft capital to either trade for or draft a QB if he doesn’t work out. That being said, I’m cautiously optimistic. It’s hard being a Dolphins fan.

  8. There are probably 25-28 teams in the NFL that would willingly and eagerly throw their current starting QB overboard if they thought they had a chance to get Brady. Let’s don’t act like it’s some indictment of Tua that the Dolphins kicked the tires on Brady, clumsy as it was.

  9. On paper, everybody is all in, but when live bullets start flying and struggle manifests..,,..that’ll tell the real story.

  10. I agree…they’re all-in and this year is the hand. Anything short of a great year and Tua loses the hand and is finished in Miami. Don’t think there’s much room for middle ground where you see improvement, but… No buts. Great year he wins. Anything less he loses. Aka all-in…

  11. Every QB FA signing or trade rumor for the last 3 seasons has mentioned Miami. They are not all in on Tua. The latest rumbling is getting Coach JT Barrett to leave the Lions. Wait, isn’t that tampering?

  12. I’m more concerned about who’s “all in” with Austin Jackson. He is penciled in to protect Tua’s blindside and has been nothing but awful so far in his two year career.

  13. All in this year and in no position to find his replacement next year in the draft

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