A.J. Brown: No bad blood with Tennessee, but I didn’t appreciate how trade went down

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After Deebo Samuel agreed to his contract extension with the 49ers late last month, Eagles wideout A.J. Brown responded with a tweet that referenced the offseason trade that sent him from Tennessee to Philadelphia.

Brown and Samuel were both drafted in 2019, which is the same draft that featured Seahawks wideout DK Metcalf and Commanders receiver Terry McLaurin. Those players signed contract extensions this offseason and Brown signed one with the Eagles, which led Brown to write that “basically all 4 of us got the same contract and I’m the only one got traded” before adding “yeah keep believing it was me.”

That comment was a response to those who pushed a narrative that Brown’s push for a contract forced his way off of the Titans and Brown had more to say on that topic during an interview with Tom Pelissero of NFL Media on Thursday.

“You know, it’s a business, and I’m not upset about the trade or anything because it is a business or whatever,” Brown said. “But to be honest, I just didn’t appreciate how it all went down, and they just kind of blamed me for it. I’m man enough to say that, however people may take it. But I have no bad blood with Tennessee. I’m moving forward. I’m happy to be here. But [there are] a lot of things people don’t know about, and they’re just pointing fingers at me. But that’s OK.”

Brown cancelled a football camp in Tennessee in May and said he would not “put myself in a place where my peace is going to be threatened by adults who feel a way because I was traded,” so this isn’t the first time that the fallout from the deal has been a topic of conversation. The start of the season should push it further into the rearview mirror, although a Week 13 date with the Titans is sure to feature a lot of focus on Brown meeting up with his former team.

15 responses to “A.J. Brown: No bad blood with Tennessee, but I didn’t appreciate how trade went down

  1. Players do not care about loyalty but when things go not in their direction,they shout from the roof tops how unjust things are.

  2. I think you are seeing why Tenn dealt him
    and erred in even drafting a selfish primadonna type. All you end up doing is renting a primadonna.

  3. Of course it was Tennessee, and not you. And that’s fine too. They don’t want to pay too dollar for a WR. Notice it’s mostly the unsuccessful teams that do.

  4. Tennessee was his employer, now the Iggles are his employer. This is all about Browns’ ego.

  5. “I wasn’t happy with how it went down” So it was about AJ and not the Titans. Enjoy your 5-6 healthy games this season. Anywho!

  6. Oh, he didn’t appreciate how the trade went down?

    He demanded $80 million guaranteed, took everything Titan related off of his Twitter account, exclaimed that he “wouldn’t be touching the grass without $80 million guaranteed, then demanded a trade.

    We (as fans) and I’m sure the organization wasn’t happy about it either, but it’s done. Everyone has moved on except Brown.

  7. I am sure they were not pleased with him asking for money he was not worth either. Philly over paid him by a large amount.

  8. To the Titans, all I can say is good luck with Treylon Burks. He’s got mighty big shoes to fill. Star receivers don’t come a dime a dozen, let alone those under 25 years old. Mike Vrabel wasn’t visibly upset after the trade went down on draft night for no reason.

  9. Still can’t understand why so many people on here constantly side with the owners, oh wait, yes I do, they’re also white. And to the dope saying the good teams don’t pay WRs big money; how’d it work out for KC with Hill? How’s it working out for the bills with diggs? How about TB with mike evans? Think the Rams are gonna stink this year after paying Kupp? You wouldn’t pay JaMarr Chase when it’s time? The dumbest comments on here get the most thumbs up

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