Jimmy Johnson responds to Jerry Jones: I don’t know that I’ve ever sniveled

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Exactly 365 days ago, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told his former Arkansas teammate and former Cowboys head coach, Jimmy Johnson, that he was putting Johnson in the Cowboys Ring of Honor. Johnson responded by asking Jones, “While I’m alive?”

Their family feud apparently isn’t dead almost 30 years after an acrimonious split in the 1994 offseason.

During an interview with Jones on Sunday, Newy Scruggs of NBCDFW told Jones it seemed “very petty” for Johnson not yet to have his name on the facade at AT&T Stadium.

“It’s BS for anybody to be making anything (of that),” Jones said. “I’ve said I’m going to put him in. Now, when I put him in, and the circumstances and what I do with that, there’s a lot more than Jimmy to think about here, and I’ve got a lot of other lives out here that have laid a lot on the line on the field that need to be in that Ring of Honor as well. And so how I do that, what I do it with, I get to make that decision, and it isn’t at the end of the day all tailored around whether Jimmy is sniveling or not.”

Johnson, 79, responded on the Dan Le Batard Show on Thursday.

“I had to look that word up in the dictionary. I don’t know that I’ve ever sniveled,” Johnson deadpanned. “Do you ever remember me sniveling?”

Jones and Johnson are the only two Pro Football Hall of Famers who spent most of their careers with the Cowboys who are not in the team’s Ring of Honor. Jones went into the Pro Football of Fame in 2017, and Johnson earned a spot in Canton in 2020.

Jones makes up the one-man committee that controls the inductees into the team’s Ring of Honor.

14 responses to “Jimmy Johnson responds to Jerry Jones: I don’t know that I’ve ever sniveled

  1. Cowboys fan here. Hasn’t always been fun but I’ve been a fan all the way through since the mid 70’s with Roger Staubach, Tony Dorsett, Drew Pearson, Too Tall Jones, Randy White, etc.
    Jones just loves his power and he must think that he can hold this over Jimmy’s head. I’m sure Jimmy doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ about the Cowboys Ring of Honor. He’s had his accomplishments and in my mind deserves most of the credit for all 3 Cowboys Super Bowls in the 90’s. Yes, all 3, even the one that Switzer “coached”. I think the Cowboys were on auto-pilot with Switzer on board and managed to win the 1995 championship. Having said that, a key factor in the 1995 season was Jones bringing Deion over from San Fran. Smart move there.
    C’mon Jerry, show some class. Be respectful and give Jimmy his due credit.

  2. Let’s see… with Jimmy Johnson 2 Super Bowls and 1 more that really was Switzer riding Jimmy’s coattails. Since then 0 appearances in 26 years, let alone a win. All while being the wealthiest and probably most famous franchise in the league that should be able to draw the best talent.

    Jerry is a 100% failure. Sure he’s made a bunch of money, but any owner could have done more in that time with that incredible brand.

  3. The Dallas Cowboys will continue to be an irrelevant team in the NFL as long Jerry Jones is controlling the franchise.
    All that money can’t buy class or integrity, and shockingly success in the NFL, but it does wonders for maintaining petty grudges.

  4. Jones is unbelievably petty, immature, arrogant douche bag. One would think at 80 he’d be more mature but that’s too much to expect. Johnson should tell Jones that he does not want it.
    I’ve never seen someone so petty.

  5. Jones is nobody without Jimmy Johnson. He built the 90s cowboys team from scratch.
    Jones appears to be the one ‘sniveling’

  6. Jones is a great businessman but he is a terrible general manager for a football team and on top of that he’s about the most Petty person I’ve ever seen. Johnson definitely belongs in their Ring of Honor without him they don’t have those Super Bowls in the 90s he completely built that team

  7. It’s almost like Jerry thinks if he doesn’t include Jimmy that means that Jimmy didn’t really have anything to do with the Super Bowl wins (i.e., Jerry is the only reason they won the Super Bowl).

  8. The rest of the NFC should put Jerry Jones in their Rings of Honor for ensuring the Cowboys wouldn’t be a Super Bowl threat for nearly 30 years.

  9. deep in his heart Jerry know only one of them has the respect of the football community… and it ain’t him.

    and it eats his guts. and all the yachts or money or johnny walker blue won’t make it stop hurting.


  10. If i was Jimmy I’d decline the offer”just to piss jerry off”who knows he might get in faster.
    jerry don’t like being shown up publicly.

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