Joe Flacco thinks he can be a starter, but embraces life as a backup

New York Jets Training Camp
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Joe Flacco returned for a third season as a backup quarterback with the Jets this year and there wasn’t much sign that any team thought about him as a starter before he agreed to return, but that didn’t stop Jets head coach Robert Saleh from endorsing the veteran as a No. 1 quarterback this week.

Saleh told reporters that Flacco “should be” a starting quarterback in the NFL and that comment made its way to the quarterback on Wednesday. Flacco didn’t sign on to the idea that he should be a starter, but he definitely feels he could handle the job.

“I still think I have that ability to start,” Flacco said, via Mark Cannizzaro of the New York Post. “It’s good to hear people say that — especially people that are close to the situation. I do believe I am still good enough to be a starting quarterback. That’s what still drives me to work hard and be the best I can.”

While Flacco might still harbor hopes of being in the driver’s seat, he added that he embraces life as Zach Wilson‘s backup. He said he’s “not just willing to do it, but excited to do it” and will continue to serve as the 2021 first-round pick’s mentor unless injury or other circumstances give him a chance to prove Saleh right.

14 responses to “Joe Flacco thinks he can be a starter, but embraces life as a backup

  1. This is a guy who celebrated his Super Bowl with McDonalds. It’s no surprise he’s content with where he is, with a ring and millions without the wear and tear of starting football. This guy has got a fantastic job and he knows it. Good for him.

  2. Wait, he’s still in the league?? Seriously thought he’d long gone. Makes no sense unless he has no life outside of football.

  3. Interesting move by the jets front office. The roster is better so if they finish this season with another top 5 pick Saleh and Douglas will be in danger. They have to hedge their bets after how bad Wilson’s rookie season was, but they also don’t want to give up on him too soon. If they can’t bring in a Jimmy G or anyone else that would expect to compete for the starting job, they can talk up Flacco (who in all fairness has had a good summer), so that it will seem like something other than a total disaster if Wilson stinks and they have to bench him and ask Flacco to salvage the season.

  4. Starting over who? Not really thinking of any of the 32 starting QBs that Flacco would be better than.

  5. This guy was benched for a qb everyone says can’t throw the ball… thats all I have to say about that

  6. So far we’ve been given 2 stories on Flacco as a starter and 1 story on the jets defense. The only Wilson update since camp started in that he’s going dark on social media. Yikes. Good luck jets fans.

  7. So if he’s still a starting QB why isn’t he one with the Jets? He can’t even beat out a QB with mommy issues

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