Kliff Kingsbury on Hollywood Brown arrest: He knows he needs to be better than that

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Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury addressed wide receiver Marquise Brown‘s Wednesday morning arrest for criminal speeding at a press conference on Thursday.

Police say Brown was going 126 miles per hour on Arizona State Route 101 when he was pulled over. He was booked into Maricopa County jail after the arrest, but has been released and was at the team’s facility on Thursday.

Kingsbury said that Brown is aware that he acted recklessly on Wednesday.

“He knows he needs to be better than that,” Kingsbury said, via Paul Calvisi of Arizona Sports 98.7.

Brown did not take part in practice, although that would have been the case under any circumstances because he is also recovering from a hamstring injury. Kingsbury said earlier this week that the team hopes to have him back on the field on Monday.

26 responses to “Kliff Kingsbury on Hollywood Brown arrest: He knows he needs to be better than that

  1. Yea that is a bit excessive. Doubt the league gets involved though. Something you make note of and remind him of what happened to another WR just north of you.

  2. Was the hamstring in his right leg? Presumably from pushing so hard on the gas pedal. They are wrong he does NOT know he needs to be better, otherwise he would have kept it under 100…

  3. what was he driving? how much traffic was there? ijs. 120 in traffic in a Prius is dangerous. 120 on a clear, open road in a 911, not as much.

  4. I was telling my buddy last night that I’m not mad at him over barring other details (amount of traffic, intoxication, etc). My car has 350hp and I can get from 40 -> 100 REAL quick without really noticing it if you’re not paying attention. I have to imagine Brown is driving something with more power than a 350hp AWD Mini Cooper, and the reported 126mph isn’t inherently unsafe depending on the exigent circumstances listed above. If he’s on a mostly empty highway doing 126mph in something like a Lambo or an AMG Mercedes? I’ve done way dumber stuff when I was his age and I reckon most of us have. If he’s doing 126mph through a residential area with kids waiting for a school bus while drunk? Different story. But people on other sites have said the area in question here is a mostly empty highway out by the stadium that is a known area for speeding, so I’m not too upset about it.

  5. I totally get it. He was trying to go back in time to stop the trade and go back to Lamar.

  6. And so do you and Keim for trading for an immature loser.

    How Keim and Kingsbury ever get jobs again at these levels is beyond me.

  7. 126 mph?

    No Kliff, he doesn’t know better.

    And so you can save yourself money buying a clue; its doubtful that he cares.

  8. Anything under 100 — meh, who cares? But 126? That’s a bit much even on an interstate — plenty of accidents happen at that rate of speed in interstates.

  9. Oh to be young and crazy again. Raise your hand if you’ve never driven a car 3 digits. I want to congratulate you for having more common sense than me. There are stretches of the freeway that are flat, straight, and don’t get much traffic. It can be hard not to open things up.

  10. Biggest cause of violent death and mayhem in America today? Cars. Biggest reason? General stupidity.

  11. Speed limits should just be suggestions

    5 million people live in the Phoenix metro area.

    It is 1 of the top 10 most populated regions of the country.

    So, No..

  12. I went 120 mph once in a 1990 Mazda 626 4-door. It felt like the car was floating (long straight flat stretch of freeway). Some cars are meant for high speeds and others are not. That Mazda 626 was a pretty fun car, all things considered. But it wasn’t meant for that speed. And, regardless, it was dumb and illegal.

  13. Conditions can be relatively safe for high speed if the vehicle is safe to handle it. Some stretches of nevada desert used to be no speed limit. Not sure if still is. Open areas of montana etc is minimal fine for high speeds. Germany autobahn has sections of no limits. Speed safety is dependent on surroundings, conditions, vehicle, and driver capabilities.

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