Logan Wilson participates in team work as he returns from shoulder surgery

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans
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Bengals linebacker Logan Wilson participated in his first training camp team drill Thursday as he works his way back from offseason shoulder surgery.

“It was just good to be back out there doing something,” Wilson said, via Richard Skinner of WKRC. “At least I’ve been doing individual, but it’s just not quite the same when you actually get to do some team-type stuff.”

Wilson missed four games late in the regular season because of the injury but returned to play all four of the team’s preseason games. Soon after the Super Bowl, he underwent surgery to repair a torn labrum.

Wilson participated in 7-on-7 work Thursday but said he won’t do much more until he “hits the six-month mark” later in camp.

“My shoulder, it’s fixed,” he said. “We just want to wait the full six months before we go full-contact type stuff. I think that’s smart. I feel like it’s a little more controlled in 7-on-7. There’s a lot more space, and I can just be smart with it.”

Wilson, a third-round selection in 2020, led the Bengals with 100 tackles and four interceptions last season. He followed that with a team-high 39 tackles in the postseason with four for loss to go along with an interception and three passes defensed.

2 responses to “Logan Wilson participates in team work as he returns from shoulder surgery

  1. This guy is the middle of the meat for this team. Hope he recovers in time for the season.

  2. Made the greatest play of the Super Bowl that you will never know about. 3rd Down and goal, under 2 minutes left, he had Kupp covered like a blanket and the ref decided he wanted to affect the outcome of the game by making a flat out poor call.

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