Ravens welcome Lamar Jackson’s private throwing coach to training camp practice

USA Today

When NFL players have their own personal coaches, the coaches of their teams aren’t always on board. Most notably, Tom Brady‘s longtime trainer Alex Guerrero was a source of tension between Brady and Bill Belichick in New England.

But in the case of Lamar Jackson’s private throwing coach, Adam Dedeaux, the Ravens are on board with his work and have welcomed him to work training camp alongside the Ravens’ coaching staff.

“We’re very familiar and very comfortable with Adam Dedeaux,” Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman said, via the team’s website. “We spent a lot of time talking to him and pretty much explaining what we were wanting to get done and him giving us feedback on what he likes to do and kind of really getting a feel. And really, after talking to him initially, I was like, ‘Man, this guy is really sharp. He’s really good.'”

The Ravens’ coaches believe Jackson’s throwing mechanics have improved since he started working with Dedeaux, and Roman and quarterbacks coach James Urban have welcomed Dedeaux’s contributions.

“Anything we can do to help our cause, right? And I think Adam is a real strength for us. I love talking football with him,” Roman said. “Later after meetings tonight, we’ll sit down and talk quarterback play and technique and fundamentals and various quarterbacks in the league and whatnot. So, he’s a real joy to have around.”

As the Ravens seek to sign Jackson to a long-term contract extension, they want him to see Baltimore as a place where he’s respected and appreciated, and allowing his personal coach to have unfettered access is part of that.

10 responses to “Ravens welcome Lamar Jackson’s private throwing coach to training camp practice

  1. The problem with Brady’s guy Guerrero was that he showed up in New England, and he started telling other players not to listen to anybody else but him, and not to show up to the teams training facility for treatment only see him. Of course that didn’t go over well, and that’s why Belichick kicked him out. Like coach Roman said it’s a collaboration between all parties involved, and that’s why it’s working in Baltimore, but we’ll see come game time. Everybody looks good in shorts and a T-Shirt with nobody looking to tear their head off

  2. I mean what are they gonna say? They want him to be a QB. This is a make or break year for the Ravens. They need to know if they need to move on. If the goal is getting a QB out of Lamar, whatever it takes to make him feel comfortable and succeed.

  3. Wait……Lamar has a “throwing coach”? Dude should be fired for incompetence and Lamar should defend a full refund!!

  4. I hate the Ravens, but the narrative on Lamar is so wrong.
    His interactions with the fans and kids seem incredibly positive. And he is always polite and humble and he seems like a good guy in interviews. He seems to be willing to put in the work. Unlike some other kids in the league.
    Good luck to him. Except when he plays my Steelers!

  5. It took him how many years to decide to fix his poor throwing mechanics? It’s like a carpenter who can’t saw in a straight line waiting until after 4 years of building projects to learn how.

  6. It’s easy to figure out who actually watches NFL games and players and who just reads articles about the NFL. We are have ridiculous takes on things during the season but some obviously don’t watch the NFL and embarrass themselves with the same ridiculous comments all the time. Try watching an actual game before commenting on a player.

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