Report: Matthew Stafford dealing with “bad” elbow tendinitis

Los Angeles Rams Mandatory Minicamp
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Rams coach Sean McVay announced Wednesday that Matthew Stafford wouldn’t participate in team drills for now. It has raised concerns about the quarterback’s elbow issue.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media has provided more clarity, reporting Stafford is dealing with “bad tendinitis.”

Stafford had a procedure this offseason, which previously was reported, but Rapoport called it platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. The quarterback also wore a brace briefly to limit his range of motion while healing. He did not throw during the offseason workouts but obviously still is dealing with the issue into training camp.

Rams coach Sean McVay downplayed Stafford’s absence in team drills, saying rest is part of the plan.

“It’s consistent with what’s been going on,” McVay said Wednesday. “It’s just more of, when you really look at the totality of it, want to try to have him operate in as little as pain as possible. I think anytime that you’ve played as long and are as tough as he is, I don’t know if you’re ever truly pain-free, but the goal would be for Sept. 8 and really looking toward 17 games then hopefully some games after that if we earn that opportunity. That’s kind of the perspective and the big picture approach that we want to be able to take. I don’t know that I would feel as comfortable taking that approach if it wasn’t for the experience that he’s accumulated and knowing how intentional he is about staying up to speed with his mental and his physical work that he can do in the absence of some of the stuff in the team settings.”

Backup John Wolford will handle the starting reps in Stafford’s absence.

40 responses to “Report: Matthew Stafford dealing with “bad” elbow tendinitis

  1. Between stafford’s elbow, inexperienced trey lance, and murray’s study habits, the NFL west is wide open.

  2. Guy throw’s violently hard since Georgia, hopefully the doc’s can get him back to where he needs to be. Detroit still loves ya.

  3. No big loss, he was never a good QB to begin with. The Rams won last year with exceptional team play, not QB play…

  4. Sounds like Stafford will need a surgery and Brady will have a cakewalk to the SB.

  5. If Jimmy G is smart, he will do what ever it takes to get cut from the 9ers , and then sign with the rams

  6. Suddenly the Seahawks have the best QB situation in the NFC West. Geno Smith’s redemption season is about to begin.

  7. The Rams are a one year wonder. Rodger needed them to win the LA market and they made it happen.

  8. Submarined Favres 2000 season.

    In hindsight, it probably should have ended his streak.

  9. No big deal really. Anyone who’s played football as a thrower knows that if you don’t keep throwing a few times during the week in the off-season come training camp that things gonna get sore. Hopefully it doesn’t get the best of him.

  10. Big Rans fan here. Wohlford is awful. Only reason Mcvay has him in team is because he reminds him of himself. About to learn a big lesson if he has to play.

  11. pftpro says:
    August 4, 2022 at 3:18 pm
    No big loss, he was never a good QB to begin with. The Rams won last year with exceptional team play, not QB play…


    Almost 5,000 yds passing, 41 tds 17 interceptions, 102 qb rating. Yeah, he wasn’t a factor. Sheesh.

  12. Not the only thing he’ll be dealing with once the 49ers defense gets their hands on him.

  13. Too bad for Stafford. Not a Rams fan but Stafford has been tough as nails over the years, maybe to his detriment. He’s played through multiple injuries, often multiple injuries at the same time. Dude is just tough.
    Now that he’s on a good team with a reputable coach I hope he can manage to play most of the season and into the playoffs. He paid his dues, wishing him well.

  14. He has one month to recover from tendinitis? Not gonna happen. I know it was not unexpected, but one month is a short window. Hope he makes a complete recovery whether he plays in game One or not. Jimmy G. should really consider the Rams, but I doubt they have any money left for him.

  15. Sometimes for an NFL player the end comes from completely out of left field and not when anyone expected it to. Really hope that’s not the case with Stafford but if it is, at least he went out on top.

  16. And if you listen quietly at dusk you can almost hear Bobby Lane laughing in the wind…… Seriously, he’s got his ring and he’s taken a beating over his career. He’s got nothing to prove. The Lions however…….

  17. I’m not sure how he got elbow tendinitis if he didn’t throw during off-season workouts. Methinks its something more serious than tendinits.

  18. sounds like Stafford could be done for good, At least he got a Super Bowl before he retires. he put it all on the line for the lions every year even playing hurt.

  19. We love Stafford in Detroit. Lions organization did him solid in the trade. Be nice if he took the year off to get healthy and handed the Lions the first overall pick in 2023.

  20. Love Stafford, hate the Rams. He’s got his ring, he should retire and watch the Rams struggle to 8-9 with the rest of us.

  21. touchback6 says:
    August 4, 2022 at 2:58 pm
    Football gods have been watching.


    They have been watching BB struggle without Brady too

  22. That slobbering sound you hear is Jimmy G salivating for a chance to get on LA and sticking it to Shanahan and the rest of the niners for 2022 and perhaps beyond.

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