Sheldon Rankins: Expectation has to be for Jets to have best defense in the league

Jacksonville Jaguars v New York Jets
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The Jets gave up the most points and yards in the NFL last season, so there’s nowhere for the team to go but up once they take the field for the 2022 season.

Defensive tackle Sheldon Rankins said that the goal is for the team to go way up. Rankins told reporters on Wednesday that “the expectations, to a man, have to be to be the best defense in the league” this year.

Rankins said that the team would be “selling ourselves short” to set any other goal for the year to come.

“For us, we want that target on our back,” Rankins said, via Brian Costello of the New York Post. “We want that challenge. We want to put that out there, because it gives us something to go out there and chase every day. It’s easy to say you just want to be good. That’s relative. What are you comparing it to? What is your barometer that you’re trying to judge that against? To say you want to be the best, everybody knows what that means. Going into it with any other mindset would just be flawed thinking. You’d be selling yourself short.”

Finishing in the top spot may not be in the cards for the Jets, but a more modest improvement would be a big step forward from 2021 and would have the team moving in the right direction in head coach Robert Saleh’s second season.

15 responses to “Sheldon Rankins: Expectation has to be for Jets to have best defense in the league

  1. The 4th place team in a division doesn’t really have any kind of target on their back.

  2. This guy needs to be drug tested. The Jets had the worst defense in the league last season. They gave up the most total yards and average points per game. Even if you did have the best defense on paper going into this season, your offense is going to leave you on the field most of the game. Good luck!

  3. Hilarious. Can anyone even name a player on their defense? How about their secondary or a middle linebacker?

    Is Mosely still there raiding their cap position? I mean, how many players do they have there giving them little to zero return on bloated contracts.

    They’ll be 0-6 to start the year.

  4. I think you are going to miss what you had going for you as part of the elite saints defense.

  5. Rex Ryan hasn’t been your coach in over a decade so good luck with that!

  6. “Robert Saleh’s second season” My prediction is this will be his last season. Rex Ryan has this guy right and he often wrong- just not this time.

  7. Expectations should be lowered to having an average defense, given how poor it was last year.

  8. He said it gives them something to go out there and chase. But, shouldn’t you be chasing wins? I guess the defense is not feeling good about Wilson and the offense.

  9. They’re not gonna be a top defense this year but Saleh wasn’t brought in to have 32nd ranked defensive units.

    Gregg Williams 3 years ago had a far, far less talented defensive personnel group finish as a top 10 unit. And that was despite having the worst offense in football in 2019.

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