Brian Griese feels for Jimmy Garoppolo, having been in a similar situation in his career

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Brian Griese is the quarterbacks coach of the 49ers, but he has had little interaction with one of his quarterbacks. Griese has left the communication with Jimmy Garoppolo up to Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch.

Garoppolo, whom the 49ers will move on from at some point soon, is working out at the team’s training complex in Santa Clara. But he is not interacting with the team as he waits for a trade or his release.

“I know what he’s meant to this organization, to this locker room, to this area, to the Bay Area,” Griese said, via Matt Maiocco of “So I hope this is resolved as soon as possible and he finds a place that works for him. I wish nothing but the best for him.”

Griese spent 11 seasons as a quarterback in the NFL, making 83 starts in an 11-year career playing for four teams. He can relate to Garoppolo.

The Broncos cut Griese in June 2003 after signing Jake Plummer earlier in the offseason and failing to work out a trade for Griese. He ended up signing with the Dolphins.

“I was in a situation where I knew I wasn’t going to be on a team and I was let go late in the process after June 1 for salary cap reasons,” Griese said. “I remember how hard that was. We all want to know where we’re going to play, where we’re going to be. And now this has gone on (for a while), so it’s very difficult for Jimmy. So I have a lot of empathy for the situation he’s in.”

Garoppolo’s departure will leave Trey Lance as the unquestioned QB1. The 49ers traded up to draft Lance with the third overall choice last year.

10 responses to “Brian Griese feels for Jimmy Garoppolo, having been in a similar situation in his career

  1. Maybe if he hadn’t gotten surgery…

    Jimmy screwed Jimmy. Should be playing hardball instead of waiting to be cut the day before season starts.

    Perhaps it works out and he signs with the Rams

  2. Yep. Jimmy gave a lot to Clara. Got them to the playoffs, NFC championship games, and the SB. Yet, Shanahan and Lynch are letting him twist in the wind. I’m sure Griese has to look at this situation in disgust and hold his employers in contempt, as he has personal experience. Keep it classy Clara!

  3. The Niners are dumb because if Lance gets hurt, the season is over but despite being a winner, Jimmy G cant win the SB and has to start again.

  4. Here’s who you’re really talking about: when replacing Bobby Hebert as starting Denver QB he said, “who better to replace a legend than the son of a legend?” Seriously.

  5. the niners are screwing jimmy and at the end will be releasing him for no gain. rick spielman ain’t showing up with a first round pick this year…..

  6. Griese likely is a fine gentleman but is ANYONE as big a snoozefest game analyst as him? As often as I’ve heard his voice I can truly say I don’t recall a single word he’s ever spoken — he’s become 100% background patter.

    Maybe put him in the Booger-Contraption and whisk him from sideline to sideline? Anything to get the juices flowing.

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