Josh Allen: Isaiah McKenzie is working his tail off


With receiver Cole Beasley no longer on the team, the Bills have an opening at slot receiver.

Isaiah McKenzie is trying to fill it.

Now in his sixth season, McKenzie said earlier this week that he feels he’s getting open when quarterback Josh Allen needs him to be. In his Thursday press conference, Allen had some pretty high praise for the receiver.

He’s working his tail off and that’s kind of what Isaiah is known for,” Allen said. “He’s going to work hard, he’s going to find a way. But, again, learning the nuances of the slot position and taking the coaching, the leadership and the knowledge that he’s had over the past years of guys in that position — [namely] Cole [Beasley] — trying to take what he was doing on the field and apply it to his game.”

McKenzie has served in several roles for the Bills since the team claimed him off waivers in 2018, including returner. But he’s now taking all his experience and translating it into a bigger role on offense.

“ There’s no denying, his physical attributes, his speed, he’s extremely tough for a little guy. He’s a little muscle hamster,” Allen said. “But, again, he’s determined to help this team win football games — whether that’s at punt returner, kick returner, slot, the gadget guy that he’s kind of been in the role in this offense in the last couple of years. But like you said, that position is up there and he’s taking advantage of it early in camp, had some really nice plays. His intensity’s up, his focus is up. And he’s going out there and continuing to make plays.”

McKenzie caught 20 passes for 178 yards with one touchdown last season. In 2020, he had 30 receptions for 282 yards with five TDs. If McKenzie can effectively replace Beasley in Buffalo’s offense, those numbers should go way up in 2022.

11 responses to “Josh Allen: Isaiah McKenzie is working his tail off

  1. Miami fans know good things happen to him when he works hard.. at the end of 2020, with the playoffs on the mine, they let him score 3 tds.

  2. Boy, I don’t think we’ll see a more hyped team with a bigger let down in NFL history than this one.

    It’s gonna be a hoot!

  3. He’s so close, needs to stay focused and take care of the football, fewer drops in key moments. Reminds me of Stevie Johnson in that way. I’m rooting for him.

  4. touchback6 says:
    August 5, 2022 at 10:28 am
    Boy, I don’t think we’ll see a more hyped team with a bigger let down in NFL history than this one.

    It’s gonna be a hoot!
    There has been several teams over the past few years that have been hyped to hell, but crashed… None more so than the 2002(9-7)Patriots team coming off their 2001 Sb win. Expected to reach the SB again, yet they couldn’t even make the playoffs. Buffalo may be hyped this season, but they will back it up.

  5. Ahhh, sour grapes from not forcing a punt in last 2 games. That’s really embarrassing for a self proclaimed HOF def coach.

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