Josh McDaniels on Josh Jacobs: Good for backs to play in preseason

Jacksonville Jaguars v Las Vegas Raiders
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Rookie running back Zamir White impressed the Raiders in Thursday night’s Hall of Fame Game, but his strong outing wasn’t the only notable development in the offensive backfield.

Josh Jacobs started and played the first couple of series despite a weather delay and the absence of other first-stringers like Derek Carr, Davante Adams, and Darren Waller. He ran five times for 30 yards and caught a couple of passes before head coach Josh McDaniels explained why the veteran was in the lineup.

“I always think it’s good for backs to carry the ball in the preseason,” McDaniels said, via Tashan Reed of “There’s a lot of things that happen when you’re getting tackled and hit that you can’t simulate in practice. I think all of our guys had the ball tonight; all of our guys either caught it or were handed the ball and had to get tackled. We can’t really simulate that or rep that in practice.”

The Raiders declined Jacobs’ option for 2023, which makes it clear that they aren’t sold on his long-term future in their offense. Playing on Thursday night along with White, Kenyan Drake, Ameer Abdullah, and Austin Walter suggests they’re still putting together a pecking order for the short term because Jacobs likely would have been excused if he was clearly the lead back.

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  1. At 6 yards per carry, against whatever starters jags had out there, just shows how he will be leading this group.

    If he was in the 4th qtr he surely would have had more than the 6.1 that Austin Walter did.

    White will be good too but through first half had 5.2 per carry.

    Maybe this O line will be ok after all!

  2. “Can’t simulate in practice”. No surprise Josh has mastered the art of Belicheck speak – smoke, mirrors, and misdirection. They clearly aren’t sold on Jacobs. If he wants the lead role, hes gonna to have to earn it.

  3. McDaniels has always deployed RB by committee as an OC. There is no lead back in his system. He’ll play the best match up for the situation. That’s why they didn’t pick up Jacobs 5th year option. A single RB will not be the focal point of the run game.

    As somebody said earlier, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jacobs is traded because the RB is not a premium position in this offense.

  4. “Can’t simulate in practice”? Correct. Preseason guys are fighting for the ball because they are fighting for a position. Ankle twists, elbows in the gut. There is tons of little crap that you don’t do in practice. Guys will be constantly ripping at the ball (some teams do practice this).

  5. He’s a good back with a good career yards per carry. Had 1 bad season because he was hurt.

    For some reason he’s fallen out of favor, (didn’t pick up 5th year option, playing with the backups in pre-season. Disregard all the BS coach speak, he’s definitely fallen out of favor.

    I just don’t get it.

  6. Raiders homers are all geeked out by the HOF game…hilarious.

    Detroit once went 3-1 in the preseason en route to an 0-16 regular season.

    My money is the Jags have a better record than LV.

  7. In makes more sense to have a stable of young backs at team-friendly salaries than to throw big money at one guy.

  8. they looked good and I think JM does not get the credit he should for the Patriots offense. Which BTW will regress greatly this year. Josh is why Mac did so well last year. Now, I do not care for JM but he deserves his credit. BB and that group of boobs can’t run an offense for sure.

    The HOF game however went like it did because JM played Jacobs most of the game and actually game planned and played like a regular game while the Jags obviously did the usual evaluate and pure vanilla game plan. Josh wanted to win this game in his hometown and look good. Who can blame him. But to put any weight on this game would be ridiculous. It was a good game to watch for a HOF game though.

  9. The issue started with decline of 5th. year option and committee backs. Jacobs surely would rather his option being picked up but it’s not in the cards with this culture. I don’t think it’s personal, the new regime prefers multi backs and they can’t afford a bunch of money one one back.

  10. If there is one position to keep out in preseason games, it’s RB due to the immense wear and tear and short careers.

    McD flamed out in first run as a HC. With this type of view, wouldn’t be surprised if he is trending to a similar trajectory

  11. Josh Jacobs is still there, I thought they cut him because they have no clue how to draft in Vegas?

  12. lawrence stacy says:
    August 5, 2022 at 11:15 am

    The HOF game however went like it did because JM played Jacobs most of the game


    No, he did not. He played two series and carried the ball five times.

  13. The Raider RBs rushed for an averaged 3.9 yards per attempt last season (Jacobs 4.0). Jacobs has not turned into Nick Chubb or Jonathan Taylor or Dalvin Cook. And while he caught a lot more passes than these guys, Najee Harris as a rookie had 20 more receptions. Staying healthy is critical. There is nothing which indicates the Raiders don’t want him. Not having that cushion could make him have a beast of a year. Hopefully the woeful OL can be fixed (Carr was sacked 40 times and 3 of the top 6 guys on the OL in the league were Raiders – Leatherwood, Simpson, Parker).

  14. It’s sad to see the incompetence so early in the pre-season. Jacobs will be on the IR soon, he’s made of glass and injured all the time.

    Raiders are going to finish last in that division so none of this matters.

  15. Bad teams always look great or “prepared” in pre-season games. Wait until week 6 when the Raiders 2-4 because Josh Jacobs is injured.

  16. wardo says:
    August 5, 2022 at 9:36 am

    The Raiders looked 100% prepared. The Jags looked about 10% prepared.


    Teams that are unprepared, look prepared in the preseason. Especially when your starters are playing. The Raiders “looked prepared” but will they week 1 when they have Mack and Bosa sandwiching Carr to force a pick 6 every series….hahahaha!

  17. They don’t take enough of a beating during the regular season so trot out your starters in a meaningless game

  18. If you’re planning on trading Jacobs you’re not playing him in the preseason. Jacobs is a known quantity. There’s no need to put out game tape.

  19. Raiders looked great and they did not play that many starters I don’t know what you guys are talking about. You’re just jealous and you’re haters because we have the best stadium and probably gonna take the division this year go ahead try and stop Derek Carr and devante Adams Renfro I’ll pay Adams Renfro Jacobs white our office’s gonna be unstoppable.

  20. A lot of the best teams treat RBs as interchangeable cogs. So makes sense to play them all in the preseason.

  21. That game means NOTHING, But…I would rather my team looks like they know what they are doing than not, and the Raiders looked like every level of the depth chart knew the system.
    Jacobs is gone. Whether it is this year or next, but he is gone, not because he is in the doghouse, but because that is how McDaniel’s rolls. Gotta save money at some position, and the plan is to save it at RB. I just thought the 5th year price benefited the team, and keeping him would have been a bit of a bargain. I guess like a lot of millionaires and their wives, The Raiders are gonna get younger at that position.

  22. The Raiders suck, there is nothing great about their team. There was 40 years ago when John Madden was there, but now……Josh McDaniels, lol.

  23. It made me feel like they were letting him play to up his value so as to dump him off to some other team. Why get him banged up before the season begins?

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