Pete Carroll returns to team after bout with COVID-19

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams
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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll returned to practice Friday after missing time with COVID-19.

Carroll missed three practices after testing positive last weekend. He isolated for five days before returning to the field.

Carroll, 70, wore a mask during practice and his media availability Friday.

“Really good to be back out here,” Carroll said after practice, via Curtis Crabtree of Fox13. “I missed the crap out of being out here. It was so much fun today. Practice went way too fast. I’m feeling great. I never did feel really bad. I just had a couple of symptoms that tipped it off and away we went.”

Associate head coach Carl Smith and coordinators Shane Waldron and Clint Hurtt ran practice in Carroll’s absence. Carroll watched practice through live video streaming and had a direct line of communication to coaches on the field during practice.

He found it wasn’t the same as being there in person.

“I’ve missed one practice in my life that I can recall,” Carroll said. “My dad passed away back at [USC] in the springtime. I never missed a practice playing and I never missed a practice coaching. So, it was a new experience. As always, you know, when we miss something, you realize how much you appreciate getting it back. It was a blast to be with the guys today. I feel like it’s been a month. It feels like forever.”

3 responses to “Pete Carroll returns to team after bout with COVID-19

  1. Welcome home Pete Carroll. Now can we please find a way to get Jimmy G? I hate the thought of throwing away even one season and I’m sorry but Smith and Lock have both looked pretty horrible in practice. Neither has the accuracy to lead a team to the SB.

  2. Since it doesn’t stop you from getting it or spreading it, I would hope it at least prevents you from dying from it. Swinging and missing twice is a little embarrassing, but three times? I think there’s a sports term for that.

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