Dick Vermeil thanks everyone and anyone in his Hall of Fame speech

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Dick Vermeil had promised tears in his enshrinement speech. He didn’t cry, though he did get choked up when talking about his wife of 66 years, Carol, and he didn’t stick to the 8-minute time limit.

Vermeil, who was elected in the coaching category in the Class of 2022, was the final of the eight inductees on the two-hour program. He thanked dozens and dozens . . . and dozens of people.

That is something he delivered as promised, having said beforehand that the theme of his speech would be “Thank you!”

“Gosh darn, I just wish I had time to go through everyone,” Vermeil said.

Vermeil coached for the Eagles, Rams and Chiefs in his 15-year head coaching career. He led the Eagles to their first Super Bowl appearance in the 1980 season, which ended with a loss to the Raiders, and won the Super Bowl coaching the then-St. Louis Rams in the 1999 season.

Vermeil won 120 games in the regular season, winning .545 of his games.

“I will forever be appreciative and grateful for this honor,” Vermeil said in closing. “The only thing that will make me feel a little better about standing here as the 28th Hall of Fame football coach is when I see Mike Holmgren come in, when I see Dan Reeves come in, when I see Marty Schottenheimer come in, when I see Mike Shanahan come in, when I see Tom Coughlin come in, when I see George Seifert come in, when I see Don Coryell come in. Believe me, if I deserve it, so do they.”

28 responses to “Dick Vermeil thanks everyone and anyone in his Hall of Fame speech

  1. He was a fun coach in a time that being fun wasn’t in vogue, even in the 90s. I think this might be a trivia question, he was under .500 for one of the 3 teams he coached, which one?

  2. Well, we all knew he was going to be the long winded one. But much deserved and congrats to coach Vermeil.

  3. Its such a crime that Don Coryell isn’t in the Hall yet. Almost all modern offense originated from his concepts.

  4. “He forgot to mention Jaworski.”

    Really? That’s incredible. Jaws was there, too. I wonder how he feels about that.

  5. Vermeil caught lightning in a bottle, once. He is a great dude, but he caught lightning in a bottle once. His HOF quality attribute is handing the keys to Mike Martz to install a relatively revolutionary offense for the time.

    Yes, he has heart, and players love him. But on its own, the quality is not HOF worthy. He regressed to the mean when the lightning left the bottle.

    Is he HOF worthy? Hell yes. He had the cajones to stake his second run at coaching on Kurt Warner.

    Catching lighting in a bottle is HOF worthy in the NFL. Looks at teams that had lighting in the bottle and let it out. Denny Green comes to mind. If the Vikings win in 98 as they should have, and tack another on, Denny Green is mentioned in Dick’s diatribe, probably.

  6. Now I can’t wait to see Andy Reid and Dougie Pederson get in there.Thank you Dick Vermeil for all of the hard work you put in and turning a crappy Eagles team into a winner.

  7. I think Dick felt he was undeserving of the HOF so he overcompensated with the thank yous ,I personally don’t think he should be in !

  8. BuckyBadger says:
    August 6, 2022 at 3:14 pm
    He was a fun coach in a time that being fun wasn’t in vogue, even in the 90s. I think this might be a trivia question, he was under .500 for one of the 3 teams he coached, which one?


    Excellent trivia question. I guessed correctly because it seemed like a trick question. I’ll be using it when I run trivia this month.

  9. The HOF is political Dicks induction proved that ! Sal Pal has the ear of some pretty big wigs !

  10. Dick named all the coaches that should be in before him that was nice of him 😂

  11. George Seifert had more success with that San Francisco dynasty than anyone who coached that team. Nobody is even close to his winning percentage. He retired as the coach with the highest winning percentage in NFL history. Later, he came out of retirement and his percentage came down, but he was awesome. Had he coached on the east coast, he’d have been inducted 25 years ago.

  12. Looked and sounded great for 85 years old.

    You rock Dick, happiness and long life!

  13. His own zest and charisma resulted in a charmed life. His energy and genuine belief in others brought out the best in the athletes that he coached. I don’t think he had the best teams but he got the best out of them. His show of emotions made him memorable and the credit that he gave those around him always displayed his humbleness.

  14. ill always remember him for winning the SB with Kurt Warner and saying it was time to take the diapers off Larry Johnson in starting him for Preist Holmes when he was in KC.

  15. Thank you Coach Vermeil from this St. Louis Rams fan! You gave St. Louis one of the best teams in the history of the NFL! I will be forever grateful!

    I met Dick Vermeil years after the Rams won the Super Bowl. He was at a Sam’s Club selling Vermeil Wines. He couldn’t have been nicer! Not only is he a Hall of Fame coach but he also is a Hall of Fame person!

  16. Congrats coach, if only we could have a had a defence the few years you were here probably would have grabbed another ring.

  17. I saw the Falcons beat the Eagles on Christmas day, 1978, at Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. That was the Falcon franchise’s first playoff game. It was also Vermeil’s. He had done an impressive turnaround job in Philly as a young, dynamic coach. But we were happy to get that win on Christmas.

  18. Great man and great coach. He is the type of person that we should want in the HOF.

  19. Class coach that cared the good old days on football. Congrats coach Vermeil

  20. The Hall of Fame is becoming the Hall of Very Good. Baseball opens the doors to one or two truly great players each year, but football, they bring in eight each year. He seems to be a fantastic person, but Vermeil belongs in the Hall of Very Good. His career record is .524. In other words, perfectly mediocre.

  21. Respectfully disagree with those taking shots at Vermeils record. He took a perennial loser, Philly, and no high draft picks for years- and after a 4, and 5 win seasons made them a 9-5 playoff & 12-4 NFC Champion- with hard work.
    He took a loser in St. Louis, and after hard work through a couple 5 win seasons into a 13-3 SB Champion. He took an under achieving K.C. with many issues.. and turned them into contenders after a 6 and 8 win season into a 13-3 Divisional Winner.
    Hard Work, getting the most out of people in order to get results. He did it 3 times with different franchises. His record would be great if he didn’t such messes to clean up first. People forget that he came up in the 5 year plan era. Not the instant winner, instant culture change garbage that is expected overnight today. It was a different era.

    All from hard work. Vermeil worked as hard as anyone from the 1920’s to 2020’s and got his players to do it too. That’s coaching. 3 franchises messes to clean up, 3 franchise turnarounds. No lightning in a bottle, no flukes, just hard work towards a goal.

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