Drew Lock apparently outperforms Geno Smith in mock game, but Pete Carroll remains noncommittal


Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith has held the No. 1 spot on the depth chart throughout the offseason program and the early phase of training camp. That possibly changed on Saturday, during the team’s mock game.

Gregg Bell of the Tacoma News Tribune characterized it as a win for Drew Lock. He completed 19 of 26 passes in four drives with the second-string offense against the first-team defense, and one drive with the first-string offense against the second defense. He engineered two touchdowns and a field goal in those five drives. Smith completed 11 of 20 passes in four drives, three of which happened with the first-string offense against the No. 2 defense.

Per Bell, the offense “just did more” with Lock.

After the scrimmage, coach Pete Carroll shed no light on the status of the competition for the Week One starting job.

“It looked like they threw the ball pretty well,” Carroll said. “The way it worked out, Drew had some more opportunities, but I thought that they threw the ball really nice in the controlled stuff and underneath. We were clean with the ball coming out, the protection was good early, so it will give us a good chance to see them. If you noticed that both guys got to work with the first O-line today and the first receivers, so it will be a nice chance to compare these guys.”

So how important was the mock game to the quarterback battle?

“It depends on what it tells me, I don’t know that, but it’s really important to see where we’ve come,” Carroll said. “We handled the line of scrimmage well, I was back behind there so I could see what was going on with all of our checks, audibles, and things like that. We did that really well, so we’ve made a lot of progress, but now we need to see what it looks like on film. It might not tell us as much as I hope, but we will see.”

Carroll wouldn’t say whether the performance from Lock earned him more practice reps with the first-team offense.

“I don’t have anything to tell you right now, I have to wait and see,” Carroll said.

Quarterback Geno Smith acknowledged that the decisions aren’t up to him, but he wanted it to clear that, either way, he supports Lock.

“As far as the competition, I’m not the one judging all of that, so I’ll leave that up to the coaches,” Smith told reporters. “But, I think Drew played really well, as I’ve always said, and I will go on record to say that I have his back. No matter what, I have Drew Lock’s back. I want that to be known. We’re teammates, we’re competing, but we’re in the same offense, we’re in the same room, and we’re going to make each other better.”

“It means a lot,” Lock said regarding Smith’s remarks. “It’s the exact same thing I would say up here. I went through that with Teddy [Bridgewater] last year. When Teddy got announced the starter in Denver, I did everything I could do for him throughout the week and even on gamedays. I would do the same here. Going on the record saying that I got Geno’s back. I’d do everything I can throughout the week to make him feel good going into gameday on Sunday. That’s what that job is. I’d give everything I got for him if that ended up being the case.”

In 37 days, one of them will be starting on the first Monday night of the year, against Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. Although we still don’t know who it will be, we know the other one will have the starter’s back.

29 responses to “Drew Lock apparently outperforms Geno Smith in mock game, but Pete Carroll remains noncommittal

  1. The Seahawks are going to be a lot better than most people think. Pete don’t tank.

  2. The real tragedy here is that one of these two will wind up as the starting QB.

  3. The headline nobody wants to see but looks to be on the way: Drew Lock lead Seahawks to Super Bowl Win

  4. I think unless Lock clearly outperforms Smith in the preseason and thru the rest of camp it will be Smith starting week 1 and then when/if the team struggles they likely move to Lock during the season.

  5. They’re saying they have each other’s backs because they have to, let’s not be naive here. They can’t say ‘I hope the other guy sucks so I get the job’ but that is more likely to be what they really feel.

  6. Let’s be real, the only one who starts Geno Smith for real is the team that is trying to tank.

    There is no way he’s a NFL starter

  7. Whoever starts will be lining up behind two rookie tackles and will be running for their lives.

  8. Seattle will make the right choice. I wish media would stop the push to remove Geno as the starter. Stop promoting guys who can’t beat out the competition.

    The same tactics kept Manzeil and Tebow in the picture for way too long.

  9. Geno: “Let it be known, I have Drew’s back.”
    Drew: “Swell, I have Geno’s back as well.”
    Pete: “I’d like to go on record as saying, ‘I have neither one of their backs.'”

  10. I really like Drew Lock in Seattle. Every time Lock got on the field in Denver he was hamstrung by horrible play calling and he only got to play a few times after they finally mostly fixed the o line. Lock can throw a lot of the deep balls that Wilson threw so if they can run the ball well this season they may just be a few more players on defense away from doing something. I love Pete Carrol as a person, but I wish his teams had better schemes but I have never known if they played like that because thats what Russell needed to do or its what Pete wanted. Either way they need a better system. I am glad that Lock is in Seatlle tho because I think Pete will give him a fair chance and if he duznt show any progress there then he will prolly always be a backup

  11. The QB competition where no one really wins. Going to be a rough season for Seahawks fans, dont worry you’ll get to see both of these guys lose plenty of games this year.

  12. When Drew Lock is out-performing your other QBs, your team is in trouble. It’s going to be a tank season for the ‘Hawks.

  13. No matter who starts, VeGas set the over/under win total @ 4.5. That speaks louder than any optimism.

  14. Smith will start Week 1 because the Broncos know Drew Lock better than anyone. Lock will be the starter by week 4.

  15. Week one will be fun to watch and with all the QB hyperbole most are overlooking the key to this game. The Seahawk Defense will actually determine the outcome & is key to a win. Russell will be so jacked up that his throws will be high over the targets. (We saw this every time he was in big games) if the Defense picks him off early and often; game over.

  16. A mock game isn’t a real football game, and these two guys have plenty of video footage of playing in real games. I’d trust the real games. I’m sure Joe Montana and Tom Brady were outplayed plenty of times in mock games.

  17. So glad that Seahawks got rid of Russell(BLAH BLAH LOOK AT ME BLAH BLAH)Wilson. Either QB will release ball quicker than Russell.

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