Justin Tucker ends Ravens practice early with clutch field goal

NFL: DEC 12 Ravens at Browns
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Ravens coach John Harbaugh found a fun way to put pressure on kicker Justin Tucker at practice on Friday, and Tucker responded by making a clutch field goal.

With about 40 minutes left in the Ravens’ scheduled practice, on a hot day with exhausted teammates surrounding him, Tucker was informed that if he made a 46-yard field goal, practice would end immediately. If Tucker missed, the practice would continue.

Tucker made the kick and was mobbed by celebrating teammates.

Tucker is the greatest kicker in NFL history, and Harbaugh doesn’t need to see whether he can make a kick. But Harbaugh wanted to give Tucker some practice kicking in a high-pressure situation, and on a hot August day, nothing says “pressure” like all of your teammates counting on you to get them off the practice field. Tucker nailed it.

13 responses to “Justin Tucker ends Ravens practice early with clutch field goal

  1. Guy LOVES pressure! Would have loved to see what kind of QB he would have become if he played that position.

  2. I think Adam Vinatieri is the greatest kicker in NFL history. Tucker is the most accurate.

  3. 46 yards against no rush/defense is something he could do blindfolded. If he wanted to create some pressure, he should have gone 60 yards. Tucker can hit that but at least the margin of error is a lot smaller and the pressure would have been more significant.

  4. What’s his completion percentage for 46 yard FGs in games, about 99.99%? He had no one rushing or attempting to block the attempt, and no crowd noise. Hardly “clutch.”

  5. Coach was obviously looking for an excuse to end practice early as this was not a real challenge.

    Now if Jacksonville had tried it with their former kicker….

  6. You clowns assume there is no rush or defense. 100% not the case. But sure, keep feeling like you know how to run and NFL team better than a future HOF Head Coach.

  7. Harbaugh channeing bb; he ain’t bb but his kicker may be as good as bb’s was just never had a chance to prove it because his coach couldn’t get him to the big moments.

  8. Pretty cool, I like stories and situations like this. Good on Harbaugh and Tucker is phenomenal. Great way to bring a team together.

    And I still hate Harbaugh as an opposing coach 😉

  9. @Insomniac” “I think Adam Vinatieri is the greatest kicker in NFL history. Tucker is the most accurate.”

    What other metric are you using?

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