Kyler Murray back from COVID-19

USA Today

Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray is back on the practice field.

Murray returned to training camp today after missing five days because he tested positive for COVID-19.

Under this year’s NFL rules, players must miss at least five days after they test positive for COVID-19. There is no mandatory testing of players, so the only players who get tested will be those who report they’re feeling symptoms.

It’s been an eventful training camp for Murray, who signed a lucrative contract extension that was immediately overshadowed by the bizarre “homework clause” that dictated how much time Murray would spend studying film. After a backlash, the Cardinals agreed to remove the clause from the contract.

9 responses to “Kyler Murray back from COVID-19

  1. Glad Murray got COVID now instead of say December 1st. Hopefully he now has some level of immunity and can get through the year without getting it.

  2. Pftt, other QBs have had COVID. Why not report on them? Why only Mahomes, Lamar, and Kyler? Easy money!

  3. Word is he finished all season’s homework during the five days off. Silver lining!

  4. study time? lmao. i like Kyle but damn dude for being a 5-9 QB you need to win something

  5. It’s really sad that so many Americans think COVID is nothing more than a “common cold”.
    I guess all the millions of people who died should have just had some chicken soup and some lemon tea. There’s plenty of chicken soup and lemon tea for everyone, right?
    What was everyone thinking with all this “vaccine stuff”?

  6. These covid19 vaccines dont work mackcarrington. Your Vitamin D level determines how one will react to it. Cant believe people still believe in the “vaccines”.

  7. @mackcarrington I don’t watch cnn but maybe they’re still calling it serious. But like any virus, it gets weaker in time and fades out. It may have been an issue for the vulnerable 2 years ago but it IS no more than a common cold now. The “vaccine stuff” is now causing heart issues and death for several hundred people including my mother. If you want to live in a bubble with a mask on getting boosted every 2 weeks that’s your choice. So I say again, why are we still testing for the common cold?

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