No, the Bills aren’t using a red alternate helmet this year

Buffalo Bills Training Camp
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The Bills practiced before 35,000 fans last night in their home stadium. And quarterback Josh Allen made even more of a stir than he ordinarily would when running out of the tunnel at the outset of the session.

Allen wore a red helmet, reminiscent of the headgear worn by the franchise during their four-year run of Super Bowl appearances from 1990 through 1993. And while it would have been an awesome way to unveil that the Bills will be wearing the red helmet as an alternate in 2022, the team says it won’t be happening.

The red helmet was a prop solely for the run from the tunnel. Allen wore a white helmet for practice, and he’ll wear a white helmet throughout the season. But, as to the possibility of a red helmet, the team used the phrase “this year.” Which means that maybe, come next year, the red helmet will return on a far more permanent basis.

Currently, the Buffalo alternate look consists of peeling off the logo and placing a stationary buffalo on the side of the helmet, instead of the beast that is lunging and charging and leaping.

7 responses to “No, the Bills aren’t using a red alternate helmet this year

  1. Might be better off not wearing the red helmets this season…it may bring back unfortunate memories of kicker Scott Norwood for Buffalo Bills fans.

  2. The red helmets look the best, in my opinion. I am also a huge fan of the red helmet with the blue jersey, so i hope to see the red helmet in the future as a full time look, with or without the color rush

  3. Eh, the red helmets are ok. But I think they’re old and outdated.
    I’m digging the current uniforms though. The white helmets with the “charging, leaping beast” on top of the alternating white & red jerseys is pretty sweet.

  4. The red helmets belong to the Kelly era.
    These are the new Bills. The new Allen era! Stick with the white.

  5. Really just tired of all the helmet, uniform, logo talk in the NFL this off-season to be honest with you. Can’t remember a year where colors and uniforms got so much run.

  6. I’ll take the white throwbacks with red standing Buffalo
    White jersey with red accents.

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