Pete Carroll: Geno Smith is still leading the quarterback competition


When Seahawks coach Pete Carroll made a temporary exit from practice due to a COVID diagnosis, Geno Smith was leading the quarterback competition. Now that Carroll is back, Smith continues to hold the top spot on the depth chart.

Carroll addressed the quarterback competition with reporters on his first day back with the team. He confirmed that Smith remains the frontrunner, for now.

“They keep doing stuff every day, and they’re making plays,” Carroll said of Smith and Drew Lock. “They both make plays every day. I’m watching to see how it swings; if it goes heavy one way, heavy the other way. The guys are doing a nice job. We’re working hard to match up the reps with the guys that play up in front, and the receivers, we’re working to get that done, and that’ll happen, and you’ll see how it happens again tomorrow, how the reps are handed out, just so that we can make it a really even competition.

“Geno continues to be on top, he’s ahead, he’s been in the lead for all the obvious reasons, and he’s holding onto it and doing a really good job of battling. Both guys are communicating beautifully, they’re learning well, we don’t have any issues with anything we’re trying to do. There are no issues here where we have to ‘Oh, we can’t quite do this or that with this guy or that guy,’ it isn’t like that. They’re very talented arm-wise, and the ability to throw the ball down the field is there. So, let the games begin. Getting out there, now we’re in the middle of it, and we’ll see what happens. It’s a really big day tomorrow. It’ll be a really big day tomorrow.”

So why is Geno still the No. 1 guy?

“He’s just doing things right,” Carroll said. “He handles the system, he’s making the checks at the line of scrimmage, he’s able to control the protections and working with [center] Austin [Blythe], those guys are hitting it really well, and he’s just really talented. He’s made great throws every day. I’m still looking for them to really come in, and really own it, and put days together where they don’t have any negative plays, the plays that they wish they had back. So, in a sense, there’s been openings for both guys by not having the complete day, getting everything done, and finishing the day close to perfect.”

This implies that there’s still a path for Drew Lock to win the job. What does he need to do to make it happen?

“Just stay out there,” Carroll said. “He just needs to stay out there and show us how he’s going to make his decisions when the big opportunities come. He’s made a ton of plays already. He’s made a ton of good throws, he really runs well, he’s elusive, he has a really quick trigger, his ability to release the football shows up, he has a lot of talent now. So we just need reps. We need turns, we just need to see more situations to really find any reason to see a difference between the guys. There’s just not enough stuff yet.”

Plenty of that stuff will come in the preseason, apparently. The Seahawks continue to keep the timetable for making a decision for the Week One return of Russell Wilson close to the vest. It will be interesting to see who starts each of the first two preseason games, and whether the Seahawks will run the competition all the way through the third exhibition.

Vaguely looming over the competition is the possibility that the final answer will be “none of the above,” with an effort to pursue someone like 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo if he’s not traded to another team. Eventually, he’ll be cut. By then, however, there won’t be much time for Garoppolo to walk through the door and prove himself to be the best option — even if on paper he’s arguably a better choice than Smith or Lock.

39 responses to “Pete Carroll: Geno Smith is still leading the quarterback competition

  1. You’re in a division with Stafford, Murray, and a high potential rookie in Lance….and you’re going with Geno Smith. Tell me you’re tanking without telling me you’re tanking

  2. This is ground hog day for every Broncos fan. Thank goodness we are over this 50/50 camp competition with Lock. Dude has had ample opportunities and hasn’t taken the bull by the horns. Sure he has talent but it doesn’t mean anything if he can’t beat out the steady Teddy’s and Geno Smiths. Good luck with your backup QB!

  3. Both Smith and Lock have looked pretty horrible at times during camp. You can tell Pete recognizes this just by hearing his comments. Neither of them are really “owning it”, as Pete said. Lock doesn’t command the attention/respect of the rest of the players. I guess you could call it a leadership thing, but he just doesn’t seem to bleed with confidence. It’s almost as though he is the new kid on the block that just can’t find a way to fit in. Meanwhile the other players react much better, looser, “together” with Smith. But Smith just continues to struggle with accuracy every day. He still throws a way-to-flat ball. Little to know arc and because of this he struggles to drop passes in over DB’s. Smith could be very good in a West Coast dink, duck, slant, and out route type of passing game. But digs, fades, deep throws…none of them fit his flat throw style, which hurts tremendously in this offense.

  4. But what I really want is… who is going to win the competition for most aggressive gum chewing on the sideline?

  5. No matter what team you’re a fan of you never want to hear that Geno is leading the QB group. It’s like voting in America, it’s the best of a really bad situation.

  6. Or more simply “ tell me your team has absolutely zero chance to do anything this season without telling me your team has absolutely zero chance to do anything this season”

  7. I know Seattle fans chirp about their great “haul” of draft picks and players (no stars) however, they will soon realize the pain of NOT having a franchise QB. I wish you luck in your search for a replacement QB but be aware, it could take a long, long, long time.

  8. At least they got their draft picks back. All they had to do was trade Russell Wilson.

  9. Dunno how to read what Pete says here. He’s real positive about the situation – so that removes QB ability as an excuse if (when more likely) Seattle struggles. So, is he REALLY pleased with the QB play, or just whistling through the graveyard?

    I could easily be wrong, but I just don’t see anything good when it’s Gino Smith and Drew Lock and Gino is leading (not that Drew leading is “great” either). Success is hard to find when you elevate a pretty much mid tier backup to starter.

  10. We all type our one liner zingers in the comments here, then next year’s article is about what he wears to the ring ceremony.

  11. If Geno is your No. 1 guy, I would not be very optimistic about the upcoming season. Geno is a serviceable backup at best.

  12. Until a decision is made the Broncos will face the Herculean task of preparing for BOTH Drew Lock AND Geno Smith.

  13. Quotes from Pete are practically useless. He says a lot but tells you nothing. I cannot count how many times he will say he “really loves a guy”, only to see him released later that season. He may “love” some aspect of their game, so he feels he’s not being dishonest. But let’s face it, he isn’t going to say the guy sucks.

  14. With the the 1st pick the Seattle Seakhawks choose : QB JC Stroud from The Ohio st

  15. The offense has some legit talent but no QB. Metcalf and Lockett are in for a very long season. The fact that Geno Smith is still in the NFL makes no sense. This is his 10th season after being a 2nd rd pick. 34td/37int, 22 fumbles, 58.8 comp %, 75.7 QB rating. Not sure if this makes Drew Lock look even worse if he can’t win this job or if they feel starting Geno is a better way to tank without saying they are tanking.

  16. In Geno Smith’s last full season as a starter, he won the same number of games (4) as Cleveland’s new $250 million predator won, and people act like Watson is a top 10 player.

  17. Going to be a very interesting season…are the ‘hawks as bad as these commenters would have you believe, is Russell Wilson as elusive and effectuive as he was 4 yrs ago…we will get answers when they play the 49ers, their proverbial punching bag..think I will save these comments to find out how many of you were right.

  18. You’re tanking with your qb but just signed a wr for 70 mil plus. Makes no sense whatsoever.

  19. The first time I saw a picture of Geno, for some reason I thought ‘ wonder if he will be another Travaris J” a QB with all the tools, run, pass, et al except one tool, couldn’t read a moving defense to save his life’. Travais threw as many TD.s as interceptions. One step forward two steps back.
    If Seattle is planning on Geno for their go to guy, they must not have the money for Jimmy G or they are holding out to see if they can save the money till next years draft.
    SeaHawk fans in big big trouble this year.

  20. Everyone selling, even their own fans

    For professional investors, however, alarm bells are going off

    Let me tell you something: Now is absolutely the time to load up on Seahawk stock

    He who has ears to hear, let him hear-

  21. No surprise. Geno gets first shot, will inevitably give way to Lock who inevitably gives it back to Geno who probably gives Lock another shot before seasons end but at that point Seattle has already realized they need better QB play. Following offseason Seattle drafts/trades for QB.

  22. This is what the new tanking without trying to be to obvious looks like….
    Purposely sign 2 of the leagues most mediocre qbs and call it a competition…

  23. Tons of couch coaches missed their calling it seems. Seahawks will surprise many this season. Pete and John have a plan. Can’t wait to watch people cry when they lose to Seattle this year. But but but how???

  24. I love the controversy, the gnashing of teeth. Where’s Dorothy to sing, “Over the Rainbow”!
    In this rebuild, the Seahawks have everything in place (if all the assembled players jell as hoped, leaving the 2023 draft to select a HIGH 1st Round Pick to select the Best QB available. Hopefully, next year’s GM and coach enjoy all the additional picks AND DON’T REACH FOR PLAYERS.

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