As he fights for a job in Tampa, Scotty Miller hopes to show he’s more than a deep threat

NFL: AUG 01 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp
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During the 2020 season, Buccaneers receiver Scotty Miller had a knack for slipping behind defenses and making long catches. Last year, injuries and a numbers game at the position limited him to five catches for 38 yards.

Thus year, with even more competition at the position, Miller is hoping to show the coaching staff what he can do.

“I think the coaches have given me a good opportunity to do a lot of different things,” Miller said. “In college I used to play pretty much only in the slot and option routes and stuff like that. I haven’t really been able to showcase that the last couple of years, but this year they’ve given me the opportunity to show those things. I think that’s one of the best parts of my game — people might think I’m just a deep threat guy but that’s just because they don’t know what else I can do. I’m just trying to show that I can be very versatile and do a lot of different things to help the team out.”

The more that he can do, the better the chance he earns a place on the roster and playing time with the Bucs.

“There are not a lot of spots available, there are four guaranteed and a couple up for grabs between a lot of very good players, as well,” Miller said, referring to Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Russell Gage, and Julio Jones. “That’s something as a receiver and as a player you can’t really think about. You just have to go out there and grind and do the best you can and be your best self every day, just keep improving every day. That’s really my mindset, I try not to think about down the road and what’s going to happen. I just try to be the best player I can be, and I know it’s going to work out at some point.”

There’s a chance it works out somewhere else. That Miller’s efforts during training camp and the preseason will be more about finding a spot with another team that has the kind of needs that the Bucs ultimately may not, given their skill and depth at the position.

12 responses to “As he fights for a job in Tampa, Scotty Miller hopes to show he’s more than a deep threat

  1. Not saying he is that good, but if they cut/trade him for a scrub player,low draft pick to keep Julio Jones they will be making a big mistake. Julio is JAG at this point in his career. I understand how online basement GM’s think he can be a “red zone threat” (although he never was a TD man in his prime) but it amazes me that people who are actual paid talent evaluators still think he is an impact player.

  2. No worries none of the old or expensive guys will play a special teams down.

    In fact that is the problem with the loaded old wr room. Stars don’t play special teams.

    A handful of plays maybe they go deeper in the playoffs last year

  3. Surprised there hasn’t been a late round trade for him. There are more than a handful of teams whom either had an injury or just lack of depth that could his services, Bears, Dallas, Green Bay and so on and so on.

  4. I would love the Patriots to acquire him. I think the right team
    could turn him into a handy little weapon.

  5. He’s not more than a deep throat.


    Maybe that’s why Brady wants him on the team?

  6. 8-9 and no playoffs.

    If the Bucs had a good QB who was good without cheating and better than an Alex Smith clone then they’d make the playoffs. They’re a talented team being held back by their little arm QB.

  7. cancerman2020 says:
    August 8, 2022 at 5:41 am
    He’s not more than a deep throat.


    Maybe that’s why Brady wants him on the team?

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

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