Giants plan to play “all our guys” in preseason opener

NFL: JUL 30 New York Giants Training Camp
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Giants head coach Brian Daboll isn’t planning to rest starters when the team kicks off its preseason slate against the Patriots on Thursday night.

That game will be Daboll’s first as a head coach in the NFL and he’s planning to have quarterback Daniel Jones, running back Saquon Barkley, and every other player who is physically able to get on the field in the lineup.

“I anticipate all of our guys playing,” Daboll said at a Sunday press conference.

There’s injury risk involved with playing first-teamers in the preseason, which is why many teams opt to limit the number of chances that something goes wrong. The Giants are installing a new offense and breaking in a number of new players on both sides of the ball, however, and that makes it easy to understand why Daboll is willing to run that risk this week.

7 responses to “Giants plan to play “all our guys” in preseason opener

  1. Good. Hope it equates to less sloppy ball once the season starts. Maybe more coaches would do it. Good for fans too.

  2. Sending Daniel Jones out to the dogs giving it all to get that money. That’s one way for the coach to get his way over the people above him.

  3. haha….you can’t risk losing your best first-teamers when you don’t have any…

  4. If your a new head coach, don’t you want to see who really can add value to this young team!
    Daboll gets an A+

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