Jerry Jones unsurprised owner misconduct included in argument on behalf of Deshaun Watson

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In his argument for Deshaun Watson, the NFL Players Association specifically pointed to owners who weren’t punished at all or weren’t punished significantly for actual or potential violations of the Personal Conduct Policy. The NFLPA focused on Daniel Snyder, Robert Kraft and Jerry Jones.

On Sunday, Jones spoke to Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about his inclusion in the NFLPA’s brief. Jones made clear he “can’t talk about any club, Watson or to refer to anybody’s punishment,” but called comparing owners’ punishment to that of players as “shooting volleys.”

“It is a standard Players Association comeback,” Jones told Hill. ”That is the drill. That is the drill to go around to say you didn’t punish such and such. Anybody would know that every player case and every case that involves non-players in the NFL are dealing with dramatically different principle facts, which is all the difference in the world.”

The Personal Conduct Policy says, “Ownership and club or league management have traditionally been held to a higher standard and will be subject to more significant discipline when violations of the Personal Conduct Policy occur.”

The league, though, did not investigate the 2015 voyeurism scandal involving former Cowboys vice president of communications Rich Dalrymple, which led to $2.4 million settlement with four former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

That provided the NFLPA with ammunition in its argument for a lighter sentence for Watson, whose six-game suspension from disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson now faces a league appeal.

Jones said the argument was “not unexpected.”

“It would be like walking down to the courthouse and saying, ‘You didn’t give that guy that much,’ and not take into account what the action was or the circumstances behind it,” Jones told Hill. “That’s called shooting volleys. That’s just shooting stuff over your back. That’s the way I look at it when I see something like that.”

32 responses to “Jerry Jones unsurprised owner misconduct included in argument on behalf of Deshaun Watson

  1. I agree with Jerry on this. Owners should be held accountable. So should players. There has to come a time to put a stop to this BS.

  2. He’s exactly right. I find it vile that the Union actually compares what Kraft did to what Jackson did. Ridiculous. Watson lured those therapists into his hotel room then bullied them be threatened them. That old man Kraft went into a place, let’s face it, those women in there, that’s their business. They know from the gate what customers are there for. Frankly it should be legal, and now that drugs are being legalized so will that. Kraft didn’t recruit countless massage therapists to his vile dens to assault them, he walked into THEIR shop, as I have in my past. So what.

  3. But Jerrah, that’s exactly what judges and prosecutors do! It’s called Sentencing Guidelines. I believe half the people posting here have had first hand experience.

  4. If Watson was accused of soliciting one prostitute then it would be the same thing. He has more in common with Darren Sharper than with Robert Kraft.

    Not a single sexual assault charge, let alone 24.
    If Watson used prostitutes he wouldn’t even be in this mess.

  5. This Watson Incident Started literally within hours of his trade request. Tony Buzbee is the neighbor of Texans owner Cal McNair. Coincidence?

  6. Are we supposed to feel bad for Watson? Just a player who is self entitled… I wonder when his predatory behavior started?? Could’ve been back in his college days, and all of this stuff was kept under wraps because he was the star QB… I don’t feel bad for him one bit, the fact that The Texans had to make an NDA for him to take with him to the “massages” tell you it’s been hushed for years!!

  7. Translation…..”owners can do what they want and get away with it and we know it”.

  8. If they were to look at the background and circumstances as Jones is suggesting, it would be even worse so Jerry Jones’ take on the NLFPA is completely invalid. Jerry is delusional if he thinks the entire nation doesn’t know every detail and circumstance about every case. If a coach can’t even pick his nose without getting caught; you know we are watching everything. All the time.

  9. Jerry, you should really STEP DOWN and let your son or daughter do all the talking for you.

  10. I’m a reasonably intelligent guy, but every time Jones speaks he utters something that I simply cannot understand. He has his own version of the English language. “Shooting volleys over your back”???!!!

  11. I love how Jerruh views himself as the face of the owners and thinks that so many people care about every little thing he has to say.

  12. I agree with the NFLPa. Give Watson what Dalrymple got; fired. I’m glad they have finally come to their senses.

  13. Owners aren’t part of the NFLPA is the problem. Even if they were you better believe the union would spend all the resources they have to fight for Ross, Kraft, Snyder, heck even Richardson. The NFLPA is sitting here throwing rocks when they live in a glass house.

  14. Jones rubber stamped Jimmy Haslam as a new owner…..Haslam later paid a HUGE fine to stay away from criminal responsibility for his Pilot /Flying J rebate scandal.

    Yep the good ole boys club

  15. Lying and avoiding responsibility are vital elements in the billionaires’ entitlement program.

  16. The NFLPA seems to forget that the league forced Jerry Richardson to sell the Panthers after workplace misconduct took place; they’re investigating Daniel Snyder for the same thing; in no way I’m a Cowboys fan but they took care of the Darymple incident internally. So I’d say the league and the teams punished or investigated those that were guilty of workplace misconduct.

    The union will go to the wall for ANY player for ANY misconduct. They’re–and this includes Watson–are afraid that he’ll be suspended indefinitely with him ordered to undergo counseling with him to reapply after a year; if the NFL is unswayed by his efforts of contrition (to which he’s shown none so far), they can suspend him for longer.

  17. The Watson/Kraft comparison is a bad example but Watson/ Dan Snyder is pretty close. Watson deserves everything he gets but Has Snyder been punished? Not to mention the NFL once suspended Terrell Pryor 6 games for trading his own stuff for tattoos before he was even an NFL player. Owners should be held to a higher standard. Snyder, Wilf, Jones, Haslam, irsay and kraft have all tarnished the shield with little recropussions

  18. Jerry Jones is as lecherous and sleazy as anyone. Has had an affair, has brought cheerleaders on his planes for his friends “benefits”, has looked the other way when dalrymple took up skirt pics of his own daughter.
    On top of it he’s egotistical and petty.

    What’s there to like about him?

  19. The simple fact that it was Jerry Jones with the comment is beyond irony. Little big man getting worried he might be held accountable for his own actions? Awww poor baby.

  20. When you own an NFL team, you get a free ride on plenty of things. Money controls everything.

  21. Sue Robinson cited precedence in her judgement so the Watson camp may be on to something.The volley may turn into a scorched earth barrage if the NFL isn’t careful.

  22. Kraft was a well-respected NFL owner held in the highest regard by fans and other owners. What he did was let a lot of people down and disgrace the shield in a way that is almost unforgiveable. He should have been punished in an impactful manner if the NFL truly wanted to maintain integrity. The difference of course is that Goodell reports to the owners and Kraft is one of the most influential of the group. Goodell didn’t want the splash-back…

  23. Billionaires think the rules only apply to others? I, for one, am truly Shocked by this revelation!

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