Ron Rivera: Carson Wentz has shown some inaccuracy, but we’re not overly concerned

Washington Commanders Off-Season Workout
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By most accounts, Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz has experienced an up-and-down training camp.

Descriptions from practice have noted that Wentz will thread some needles, as he’s displayed that he can when he’s at his best. But the quarterback has also missed on his share of throws over the last few weeks.

After Washington’s Saturday practice at FedEx Field, head coach Ron Rivera was asked about how he feels regarding Wentz’s accuracy.

“It’s a lot better than you give him credit for, just because of the way things happen in practice,” Rivera said, via John Keim of ESPN. “There’s a lot of little nuances that we see that we look at that we get to review. Yeah, there’s some inaccuracy. But it’s nothing that we are overly concerned [about].

“Again, we see what’s going on. We see how things are developing. We see the timing and just the understanding and feel for what’s going on with our concepts. So, as we continue to grow and work on it, we just feel like we’re going to continue to grow and get better as an offensive unit.”

Wentz has been traded over the last two offseasons for a variety of reasons. But if Washington is going to make some noise in the NFC East this season, the club will need Wentz to iron out those accuracy issues over the next month before the regular season begins.

11 responses to “Ron Rivera: Carson Wentz has shown some inaccuracy, but we’re not overly concerned

  1. If Yutz is inaccurate now when he is not threatened with an injurious hit, just wait until this putrid player starts the season. I told you all so that Yutz is a waste and he’ll confirm it with an 0-3 start. Then the fans will be demanding Heinicke.

  2. It’s been rough watching. Even the defense was frustrated with his bad throws this past week. One lineman screamed “throw it outta bounds!”

  3. He’s as good as he’s gonna get and that’s not very good. He’s made a lot of money though.

  4. After watching his backup Nick Foles take the Philadelphia Eagles to and win the Super Bowl(and the subsequent SB MVP) completely broke Carson Wentz. Hasn’t been the same since.

  5. I don’t think I’ve seen an ascendant QB end up like this since Jim Everett. Just like Everett, he seemed on the verge of becoming a star, and it just never happened even after being given chance after chance to recapture it.

  6. You guys do realize, or I guess you don’t, it was fun off the cuff trash talk? As in, throw it out of bounds instead of tucking it and running for positive yardage and some people are acting like a guy is so dumb the defense has to coach him how to play offense. And, he tucked the ball and ran for positive yards and being practice stepped out of bounds where in a game he probably would have had the first. Seeing this, the player joked at him the wrong advice in a form of trash talk.

    I’m sorry but I wish this stuff didn’t have to be explained.

  7. I’m very concerned with his inconstancy. Maybe Rivera has a great back up plan we don’t know about. I don’t see it happening.

  8. I do feel bad for Commanders fans. With everything swirling around that organization you are going have now Wentz-hate that’s going to overload every comment topic. He became hated bc his play went downhill unexpectedly and frustratingly after a bad injury that marked the end of a super bowl era during an election year of which you can obviously tell where his feelings are. So, a small contingent of sports fans who had rage ignited by the last guy in charge of the country project that rage upon him and his play simply because they feel they should. That rage like all rage hasn’t run out of steam. There are normal comments and feelings, like, “I don’t believe in him”, or, “I think he lost his fastball and he’s cooked so I wish we picked up someone else bc I don’t believe in him till I see it”.

    And then there’s hate which is born out of topic, and thrust into topic, and is always seen by the absurdity in the depth of ridicule the comment attempts. That’s the next thing Washington fans have to deal with that they’re going to start seeing soon. Sometimes you want to just talk ball and there are those who just can’t let us bc everything boils down to political rage projection that we all wish would just stop. It happened at the end of the Eagles, the Colts year, and surely will continue.

    Using the throw it out of bounds story to attempt cheap ridicule isn’t born of logic or sports knowledge, it’s born from something else outside of topic and thrust into topic for a sake other than sports. This is what Commanders fans are going be dealing with now. It’s your turn.

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