Even Aaron Rodgers knows that Packers stock is worthless

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I’ve long believed that Aaron Rodgers and I have more things in common than not. (Now that he’s kinder and gentler, that may no longer be the case.)

Here’s one thing we definitely agree on: Packers stock is worthless.

The topic emerged during Rodgers’s appearance on Pardon My Take. It started when Rodgers asked Big Cat if he’s “sensitive” about the quarterback’s comments from last year’s game against the Bears, when Rodgers yelled, “I own you.”

Eventually, PFT Commenter chimed in.

“I actually own you because I’m a Packers owner,” he said. “So I own you, you own him.”

“You own a piece of paper that has zero actual value?” Rodgers said.

BINGO. Rodgers is right. The stock has no value. At all. It’s just a piece of paper. A unique item of memorabilia. A grift on Packers fan that, at most, technically allows them them to say “we” when talking about the team.

Fortunately for the Packers, they ended their latest offering of pieces of paper with zero actual value earlier this year. By the time they do it again, Rodgers will be long gone from the team.

Then again, it wouldn’t matter. Most of the team’s shareholders realize they’re not really getting anything. And they’re still happy to contribute cash over and above their season ticket and other expenditures while attending games to help the effort.

That’s really all it is. A donation, acknowledged with a sheet of paper. It’s amazing other teams haven’t come up with a way to do the same thing.

27 responses to “Even Aaron Rodgers knows that Packers stock is worthless

  1. Mark Murphy and all the other Packer exec’s bank accounts thank the grifted packer fans

  2. I know packer fans, and I know they are SEETHING AND FOAMING AT THE MOUTH hearing this

  3. It’s now become obvious the Packers must trade for Jimmy Garoppolo and expel this heathen from their midst

  4. No, we’re not duped. Accusing Packer fans of being dumped is ridiculous. It is the equivalent of me saying you think you’re on your favorite team because you have a jersey you bought in the pro shop. It’s Packers merchandise, nothing more, nothing less, we comprehend this.

  5. I just wish Packer fans realized how much amusement they generate for the rest of the country.

  6. why is this such a big deal? ppl who buy stock know this…its fun..and if it helps the pack make upgrades ….cool…one thing youll never see from the Lambeau folks… they wont hold the city hostage asking for a new stadium or they will move to Racine

  7. I can’t believe how upset it makes other fanbases that Green Bay fans own the team.

  8. Deniers…..…imagine yourselves scheduled to speak at a massive open-air venue in front of more than 500,000 people. Seven Lambeau Field’s combined. Humongous. You’ve just arrived at the rear of the crowd. You will have the stage soon. It will be your microphone. But first, you have to get to the stage, which will require the use of a motorized vehicle. You head for the stage. After riding several minutes, you still haven’t spotted the stage.

    It becomes your turn. Now, get the crowd’s attention and convince this group of Packer stockholders why their purchase of a souvenir Packer stock certificate should be meaningless to them. Your only argument is money. That’s it. As an outsider and as someone that has likely never experienced Lambeau Field; tell us all why our personal interest in the absence of private ownership and our grateful and familiar support for a most-heralded professional sports franchise known throughout the world, burdened by its roots in the smallest community of all professional sports communities on earth, is misplaced. The one proviso alone of no 1%’ers running the show for sixty-plus years makes it worth it, to me. There are many more reasons such as the tax relief to the community and the tax burden absorbed by football fans! Win-win! None of the remaining reasons include a concern over the cost of the stock or the lack of a return. That’s your priority, not ours.

    After your spiel, quietly put your hands back in your pockets and walk off the stage. See you at the next stock sale, if you wait in-line long enough.

  9. I couldn’t have said it better.

    “What Value Does The Stock Have?”

    “While other franchises routinely seek and receive taxpayer dollars from the surrounding counties, and sometimes state wide, the Green Bay Packers are only taking from those who want to contribute. I am sure the fans of the Raiders would have liked some say before they left Oakland. The same can be said about the Rams leaving St. Louis back in 2015. The tax payers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area may have liked more of a say in whether or they wanted to fund a 1.1 billion dollar stadium.

    The fact of the matter is that the option to buy Packers stock should be the envy of every single other NFL fan. It keeps the team local, it reduces the tax burden inherent in having a major sports franchise present, and it brings transparency to a business that prefers to be steeped in secrecy.”

    -McQuade Arnold

  10. From stories that have appeared, Packer fans are enjoying their fake stock more than fans of other teams are enjoying making their billionaire owners richer.

  11. Aaron Rodgers, who thinks he is smarter than everyone, just proved he is actually smarter than most of the Packer “Stockholders”…

    That is all…

  12. Stock is worthless, but everyone is jealous that the Packers are one of the founding members and one of the most storied franchises in NFL history. They have also been relevant over the past thirty years.

  13. cheeseisfattening says:
    August 8, 2022 at 6:23 pm
    Mark Murphy and all the other Packer exec’s bank accounts thank the grifted packer fans

    This is why the Packers are the best franchise in pro sports and the fans are the best also.Yes everyone knows that this not make you an owner of the team.But itdoes give fans an opportunity to invest in the team to improve facilities,add additional venues to the stadium district,etc to generate more income to keep the team competitive.We do not have an ego driven deep pocket owner.Funny how we get ridiculed for supporting our team when fans of other teams have jerseys and other team gear.The NFL splits all of that revenue between all the teams.In a sad way GB,Dallas, and all the other fanbases that lead the league in sales support lower teams like the Vikings!The “stock” sale goes directly back to the Packers.It is our choice to support the improvements or not unlike tax increases.Another reason GB is a perrenial contender and the Vikings are well the Vikings

  14. This may be true from an economic standpoint. Rodgers, who thinks he is the smartest guy on the planet, is dead wrong. There is tremendous intrinsic value to owning stock as well as providing unique involvement by fans/owners with a major sports franchise. The host wonders why other teams don’t repeat this scam? I guess they could but it is only because of the unique Packer ownership structure that allows for fan ownership. And as to fan/owners owning Rogers, I guess it is plausible that owners could unite to decide to only vote in Packer Board members who would not allow players on the team who admit to taking illegal, mind-altering drugs. I love Rodger’s as a player but he is increasingly so full of himself that his eyes are brown.

  15. Never fails to amuse.

    Whats the difference between buying this piece of paper, as opposed to buying a jersey, hoodie, cap… or paying for 6 beers, paying $50 to park in a team lot?

    Furthermore, this money clearly funding stadium improvements, and stadium district improvements. Ask yourself if the same can be said of YOUR team… as you buy another cap and hoodie this year.

  16. In the meantime, the leftover Legacy Bricks at US Bank are now being used to build a doghouse in O’Connell’s backyard. Waste not, want not. As Matt Birk would say; “Some people just don’t work hard enough.”

  17. There is a belief that people from the south are a little slow, butt the Midwest? I believe they have serious psychological issues to give away their money to millionaires for nothing in return other then toilet tissue.

  18. finfan63 says:
    August 9, 2022 at 10:49 am
    There is a belief that people from the south are a little slow, butt the Midwest? I believe they have serious psychological issues to give away their money to millionaires for nothing in return other then toilet tissue.

    Midwest? You must have missed the part about 500,000+ worldwide stockholders.

  19. Yeesh, stellar having a complete meltdown on here. You really do love to see it.

  20. Don’t confuse passion with frustration. Frustration is the domain of Viking Fan. A team has to provide a reason to feel passionate or to feel frustrated. As a Viking fan, I’m sure you recognize the difference.

  21. The value of Packers stock is it ties the team to the city. That, in an era of gypsy franchises (Cardinals, Colts, Chargers, Raiders, Rams, you listening?), makes it priceless.

  22. There is a belief that people from the south are a little slow, butt the Midwest?

    It’ll take more than a knife to cut that irony..

  23. While other teams are fleecing tax payers to involuntarily fund their stadiums while they laugh all the way to the bank with multi-billion dollar teams… the Packers voluntarily sell a piece of memorabilia no different than a jersey or a hat to raise funds and everyone loses their minds.

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