Jordan Davis blows up Eagles’ offensive line in walk-through


During one of the periods of time that Aaron Donald was staying away from Rams practice as he tried to get a new contract, G.M. Les Snead saw a silver lining. Donald wasn’t there to blow up the middle of the offensive line during practice. As Snead explained it, Donald was doing it even during walk-through practices.

There’s potentially a new Aaron Donald in town. He’s in another town. Philadelphia. Rookie first-round defensive tackle Jordan Davis.

On Sunday night, during a practice at Lincoln Financial Field, Jordan Davis sent the man who was trying to block him deep into the backfield.

Great pass rushers usually bring pressure from around the edge. Great quarterbacks often know how to move around to avoid it. Intense pressure up the middle can create major problems.

While there’s a big difference between that and dominating in a game, it’s a good sign. Davis could end up being the real deal. We’ll find out soon enough.

10 responses to “Jordan Davis blows up Eagles’ offensive line in walk-through

  1. Well he was good for about 20 snaps per game in college due to weight/stamina issues. And usually the last wasn’t as good as the first.

    Hopefully the Eagles have someone else to play the other 45-50 snaps per game for him. But, hey! fun highlight.

  2. Two guys in shorts and helmets not really hitting each other. This is a true measuring stick of how games go. Sarcasm totally intended.

  3. He played 20-30 snaps at Georgia because they were 25 deep on defense. They were also often up by 20-30 points early.

  4. This might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Any player can dominate any other player in a walkthrough if he’s going harder than he’s supposed to. How’s he doing at full speed with pads?

  5. the eagles do have three other quality interior d linemen in cox hargrave and milton williams. their linebackers however this season are actually nfl quality linebackers for the first time in memory

  6. You haters get funnier and funnier. Anytime a positive story comes out about a player the comments are almost always negative to counter. It’s predictable. Jordon Davis is a BEAST. Accept it!

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