Jordan Love will start Packers first preseason game

NFL: AUG 05 Green Bay Packers Training Camp
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Packers third-year quarterback Jordan Love can likely use all the reps he can get.

He’ll receive plenty during the preseason, including in this week’s game against the 49ers.

Green Bay head coach Matt LaFleur said during his Monday press conference that Love will start the first preseason matchup. He’s also likely to start the second, as LaFleur said a decision on whether QB1 Aaron Rodgers will take the field in August won’t happen until after the team’s second preseason game against New Orleans.

The Packers and Saints will hold joint practices before their preseason game next week, which will give Rodgers plenty of reps against an opposing defense.

But at least for now, the possibility remains that Rodgers could play in the third preseason contest against the Chiefs. Though the Packers’ offensive line is currently unsettled, LaFleur said that wouldn’t prevent Green Bay from sending Rodgers on the field.

“We still have confidence in those guys,” LaFleur said. “They’re going to have to play. We would just be very particular about what plays we’re calling. We’re not going to have just open edges and seven-step drops that take a long time to develop. We’d just be super intentional about what we call, which we are in every instance usually anyway.”

The Packers will travel to the Bay Area this week for Friday night’s preseason matchup. The game is scheduled to kick off at 8:30 p.m. ET.

14 responses to “Jordan Love will start Packers first preseason game

  1. Of course he will. Probably 2.5 of the preseason games. GB needs to get some film on him if AR decides to play next year and they want something more than a 4th round for him. GB hasn’t shown Love any love, poor kid.

  2. Good – Aaron hasn’t played more than a few pre-season snaps the past few years and just took home back-to-back MVP honors. Jordan Love needs the reps way more than Aaron does. So far in camp, J-Lo’s arm is looking solid, quick release… but now let’s see him facing real pressure.

  3. No need to risk injuring Aaron Rodgers during tryout games for players on the bubble.

  4. ….And in other non-news from MLF,…. Rashan Gary and Jaire Alexander will be placed in bubble wrap. But seriously, of course Love will play and will play a lot. It’s not to establish trade value because at this point there’s almost no circumstance where the GBP would trade him. Gutekunst has invested too much in Love to not give the guy a shot. There’s a very real possibility that this is Rodgers last season. Given the talent on this roster they need a viable backup, which Love appears to be, should Rodgers miss any time with injury.

  5. Rodgers did not play for three years after his draft, either. Love missed an entire preseason which was cancelled due to Covid. In effect, to be nearer to the pre-start experience Rodgers benefitted from Love would need to start in 2024.

  6. They need to trade him. He was a wasted pick and they significantly overreached on him. Cut your losses and bring in a veteran backup instead. This kid is not a franchise quarterback. If he was, the Packers would not have re-upped with Aaron.

  7. Finally, the news I’ve been waiting to hear because it was such an up in the air, toss of a coin decision.

  8. Did this even need to be said? I mean honestly did anyone think this would work any other way

  9. It’s nice to see Love finally putting some great throws on tape this season.

  10. As much as people hate on Rodgers for off-field things that aren’t related to any misconduct, this guy is amazing. I realize what Brady has done and what Pat Mahomes is doing but Rodgers is a true franchise QB. He always keeps his team competitive and in a position to win. He’s hated because his personal life and because he’s great at what he does. The guy plays the position better than anyone and that’s in the face of constant scrutiny and belittling. It’s awesome.

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