Matthew Stafford doesn’t throw Monday as “part of the plan” for his recovery

Los Angeles Rams Mandatory Minicamp
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Matthew Stafford did not throw Monday, but coach Sean McVay called it “part of the plan” for the quarterback in his recovery from an elbow injury.

“We’ve always kind of stayed true (to the plan),” McVay said, via a live stream from the team. “This one is a three-day bucket. He’ll work tomorrow, and you’ll see him do a similar workload as last week.”

Stafford’s injury has cast a cloud over the team’s training camp as he has yet to participate in team drills. McVay wouldn’t confirm a report from last week that Stafford has “bad tendinitis.”

But McVay did call it a “little bit abnormal” injury for a quarterback, an injury more likely for Major League Baseball pitchers.

Stafford had a procedure this offseason, which Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports was platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. The quarterback also wore a brace briefly to limit his range of motion while healing. He did not throw during the offseason workouts but obviously still is dealing with the issue into training camp.

Stafford downplayed the injury last week, calling it “a little soreness.”

That did nothing to ease the concern of Rams fans, who know they need a healthy Stafford to have a chance at a Super Bowl repeat.

11 responses to “Matthew Stafford doesn’t throw Monday as “part of the plan” for his recovery

  1. Stafford will be fine. He’s never really been afraid of anything like some of the QB’s in this league. True warrior.

  2. Stafford is 34, not 24. It’s a lot harder to overcome these types of maladies as you age. I was glad to see him win a SB, he deserved it. But his playing days may be numbered.

  3. Tendinitis is really hard to get over especially as you get older. This is going to be an issue

  4. Long time Lion’s fan here. We’ve seen this over and over with Matt. He get’s hurt, he recovers, he shines. Lots of you are predicting death, doom and destruction over this, but for Staff it’s a minor setback. He ain’t done, not by a long shot. This guy is an old school ironman. The injury that takes him down for the count will be the kill-shot that makes him retire, and this elbow pain is not that injury. He has a lot of career ahead of him. Peace!

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