Patrick Peterson: New defense takes stress off my body, allows guys to make plays

NFL: JUL 27 Minnesota Vikings Training Camp
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When the Vikings hired Kevin O’Connell as their head coach earlier this year, most of the focus was on what the arrival of the former Rams offensive coordinator will mean to quarterback Kirk Cousins and the team’s offense.

The alterations to the team under O’Connell are not limited to that side of the ball, however. Ed Donatell is the new defensive coordinator and he’s installing a scheme that’s heavier on zone than the one that was in place last season.

Cornerback Patrick Peterson considers himself a fan of the change of direction in Minnesota.

“It’s definitely taken a lot of stress off my body,” Peterson said, via Andrew Krammer of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “The opportunity to see a lot of things unfold versus always having to seem like I’m running for my life almost every play for 60 minutes of a football game. Now it’s a change of scenery, for sure, and playing with a little bit more depth, playing with vision against every guy that’s on the football field. Allows guys on the defensive side of the ball to make plays.”

The Vikings defense wasn’t up to snuff last year, which is a big reason why the team has a new coaching staff in place as well as the easiest explanation for the change in mentality on that side of the ball.

12 responses to “Patrick Peterson: New defense takes stress off my body, allows guys to make plays

  1. How does this guy keep getting recycled? Ed Zoneatell they call him. The most basic, vanilla scheme that gets picked apart after 10 minutes of film study. No wonder he hasn’t been on a winner

  2. Pat P has never liked to tackle, his game was built on speed and athletic ability. Cardinals let him walk for a reason. Honestly should have traded him the day he got off his PED suspension.

  3. The good news is that the likelihood for improvement is great based on just how much room for improvement exists. Won’t be hard to be better on D this year. The questions is how much better.

  4. Good coach. Good player. Wish we had them on the green and yellow

    We had Donatell.

    … 4th-and-26

  5. As a CB gets a little older and loses a half a step, going to more of a zone defense also takes advantage of the veteran’s accumulated experience because in zone he sees more of the field and can pick up clues as to where the opposing O is going.

  6. If the D stays healthy, it won’t suck. Won’t be top 10, but it won’t suck. What worries me about Peterson is that I thought he historically played better in man coverage, then again, maybe zone will help with the loss of speed/quickness due to aging.

  7. It will be interesting to see whay Ed can do now that he finally has talent to coach

  8. He was relevant five years ago. Now he’s just another has-been playing for a franchise that specializes in signing has-beens and never being able to win it all.


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