Pharaoh Brown says he lost weight because blocking tight ends get paid the minimum

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Texans tight end Pharaoh Brown had some financial motives for losing weight this offseason.

Brown, who signed a one-year, $3.5 million contract this year, says he lost 18 pounds on the theory that if he’s more of a receiving tight end rather than a blocking tight end, he can get a better contract in 2023.

I was a fat guy last year,” Brown said, via the Houston Chronicle. “One of the linemen just told me, ‘I’m proud of you, man. You were an O-Line tight end last year, and now you’re out there catching balls. I told him I got a new financial advisor and they told me that the blocking tight end gets the minimum.”

Texans head coach Lovie Smith says Brown has the potential to be both a blocking tight end and a receiving tight end.

“He’s listed as a tight end, but he can play in line, he can move out,” Smith said. “It’s a tough match-up because he has big wide receiver skills. Just another weapon that we have to be able to use. We can line him up at a lot of different positions, so just gives flexibility to our offense.”

Brown’s weight loss secret? He says he has stopped drowning all his meals in barbecue sauce, which he says eliminated “all the sugar and high fructose corn syrup you don’t really notice.”

4 responses to “Pharaoh Brown says he lost weight because blocking tight ends get paid the minimum

  1. The man was eating 18 pounds of extra barbecue sauce per year? Now, THAT, is impressive.

  2. This really makes you wonder what his old financial advisor had been telling him…

  3. Or he still wont be a receiving threat, but he’ll now be less capable of doing the one thing he was good at…

  4. Congrats on the weight loss, all of us true TEXANS fans will be pulling for you!

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