Diontae Johnson being sued for no-showing his football camp

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Steelers receiver Diontae Johnson, who signed a two-year extension worth $36.71 million last week, is being sued for an unspecified amount.

The company that organized Johnson’s football camp is suing him in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania for not showing up, Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports. Johnson’s representatives blamed weather-related flight delays for Johnson’s no-show.

FlexWork Sports Management LLC claims Johnson’s failure to appear cost the company “significant damages, in the form of refunds, credits, and reputational damage.”

The camp was scheduled for May 22 at Cupples Stadium in Pittsburgh, and a “team photo” with Johnson was included with the $125 admission fee. Other levels of interaction with Johnson were available for additional fees, per Mackey.

FlexWork claims to have reimbursed $36,099.33 in registration fees and issued that much in credits, which, the company says in its filing, is designed to mitigate the damage. In addition, the company alleges it spent more than $10,000 on operational expenses.

The personal service agreement the suit references called for Johnson to pay a cancellation fee of $2,250 if he canceled after April 5 and repay FlexWork for all expenses.

19 responses to “Diontae Johnson being sued for no-showing his football camp

  1. lol!!!!

    Classic Steelers WR investment. Immature, selfish and dumb. It can’t be made up. It just can’t.

    Where are JimmyThePin and VASteelers fan?l and all the other blind loyalists?

    Their team is going to be horrible for years and years.

  2. Typical Steelers Diva WR…..suspend him for life for ‘breaking little kids hearts’.

  3. Want an easy reason for fans to hate you? Screwing over kids that pay to see you by no showing.

  4. Hahaha

    Yet another reason to dislike the guy who can’t break a tackle or run after the catch. Cut him.

  5. Mike Tomlin’s style of “discipline” shining through.

    Notice how BB players never get involved with stuff like this?

  6. $46,000 is chump change for him now. Pay it back, issue an apology and own it, and move on

  7. Man some players are not too bright, They have multiple millions of dollars but refuse to show good faith by reimbursing the company for their loses. No instead pull an Antonio Brown and get sued and look like a bad person. Let’s all admit he wants a new contract and more money from the Steelers so he is acting out and following AB’s example on how to force a team to give in or get traded.

  8. It’s easy to understand why their players don’t want to take the field this year. No wonder so many Steeler fans are angry and upset all the time. It’s going to be a long season for them

  9. As a close friend of the organization it is tough when your franchise player disrespects the community in this way. Here’s hoping Mitch steps up and finds a new target to feed 10+ times a day (with hopefully no drops !!!)

  10. Just seems like a few players don’t have community involvement because they feel an obligation to give back to the fans who’ve made their priviledged lives possible. But that it’s a burden and they only show up because they “have” to as part of the NFL PR machine.

  11. The weather isn’t a legit excuse not to show up especially when you have to show up on Sundays regardless of what the weather is like to play. The steelers should’ve kept Juju because unlike this guy he represented the steelers really well off the field.

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