Dolphins trade Adam Shaheen to Texans

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
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The Dolphins and Texans have completed yet another trade as Miami is sending tight end Adam Shaheen to Houston.

The Dolphins announced they are acquiring a 2023 sixth-round selection from the Texans, who get Shaheen and a 2023 seventh-round pick.

The Texans needed help at the position with Antony Auclair out with a knee injury, and the Dolphins listed Shaheen fifth on their depth chart behind Mike Gesicki, Durham Smythe, Hunter Long and Cethan Carter.

Shaheen appeared in 28 games with 12 starts for the Dolphins after they acquired him in a trade from Chicago in 2020. During his five-year NFL career, Shaheen has appeared in 55 games with 25 starts, totaling 50 receptions for 509 yards and seven touchdowns.

He entered the NFL as a second-round pick of the Bears in the 2017 draft.

18 responses to “Dolphins trade Adam Shaheen to Texans

  1. He’s a solid TE but doesn’t wow in any facet of his game. Good blocker, good hands, and a decent route runner. I’m really surprised Miami got a 6th for a guy they were going to cut anyway with only giving up a 7th.

  2. No surprise here. The Texans add another below average player that no other team wants.

  3. Last time I heard that name, Chicago thought he was the next big thing at TE. I can’t say much though, we were the ones that drafted Ebron.

  4. Meh, he’s a mediocre tight end… at best.
    The fact they got anything for him, is a bit of a surprise.

  5. And then they’ll be in dire straits because they only have three TEs left on the roster?

    touchback6 says:
    Grier is just a moron. Watch Gesecki go down.

  6. “I’m really surprised Miami got a 6th for a guy they were going to cut anyway with only giving up a 7th.”

    Just straight up trading a 7th for him would have been a worse deal for the Texans than swapping a 6th for 7th. Teams consider having a late rd pick higher value than losing it entirely, especially since the late rounds are just for securing guys you would have to compete to sign in UDFA anyways.

  7. I liked Shaheen but truly this is no big loss. It’s Hunter Long time. Nice we moved up basically for free.

  8. In round 2 of 2017 draft, Ryan Pace & Bears passed on players such as Cam Robinson, Dalvin Cook,Budda Baker and decided on Adam Shaheen from Ashland College…Bears fans are still reminded of this every time Dalvin Cook breaks off a long run…SMH

  9. Another Pace bust…..As bad as he was with the Bears, I thought he was long gone. He was billed as next Gronk by Pace.

  10. A few comments on here mentioning what the Dolphins got? WTH? The Texans got a guy who will make the roster as the 3rd TE, costs nothing against the cap, has NFL experience for moving back from the 6th to the 7th round. 6th round draft picks make the roster about 15% of the time…so the Texans got a guy who’s 100% (or as close to you can get) going to make the roster at a position where depth is needed, instead of taking a risk with a 15% success rate (improved that risk by ~85pts!) and it cost them one round, at MOST 32 spots, likely a lot less. This guy doesn’t move either team’s success needle but in terms of a trade, Dolphins got fleeced.

  11. Good trade for both teams. Look for Miami to make a few more trades similar to this one in the coming weeks. Preston Williams and Lynn Bowden Jr have been mentioned in trade talks lately. Makes sense to get something for some of these guys that are not going to make the team anyway as they head out the door. The fact that Miami has to make difficult decisions this time of year is a sign this roster is more talented than in years past.

  12. Antony Auclair I think was our 4th string TE here in Tampa. Things our pretty rough in Houston. Feel for the fans there, especially after getting hosed with the Oilers and the Texans being a train wreck from season one.

  13. Why didn’t Grier throw in Preston Williams as well in order to get a higher pick? However, I seemed to recall a sixth round pick from Texas Tech who seem to work out.

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