Jaguars waive Kyle Sloter

Jacksonville Jaguars v Las Vegas Raiders
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The Jaguars signed quarterback Kyle Sloter and waived EJ Perry last month, but they’ve had a change of heart on Tuesday.

The team confirmed an announcement from Perry’s agent that his client was rejoining the AFC South team while also announcing that Sloter has been placed on waivers.

Sloter joined the Jaguars after playing for the USFL’s New Orleans Breakers earlier this season. He completed 168 of 291 passes for 1,798 yards and nine touchdowns.

Prior to his USFL excursion, Sloter spent time with the Broncos, Vikings, Cardinals, Lions, Bears, and Raiders without appearing in any regular season games. He was 13-of-25 for 127 yards and a touchdown in the Hall of Fame Game.

Perry joins C.J. Beathard and Jake Luton on the rungs below Trevor Lawrence on the quarterback depth chart in Jacksonville.

10 responses to “Jaguars waive Kyle Sloter

  1. i thought he outplayed Luton the other night but was flipping channels too. GB could use a 3rd.

  2. No matter how many teams cut him, fans will continue to believe that Kyle Sloter is a top-40 quarterback in the world.

  3. The people who are for some very strange, irrational reason carrying the torch for Kyle Sloter must be his relatives or the same people who still yearn for Tim Tebow.
    Sloter has done way less than Tebow.
    It’s really weird. He’s bounced around from 7 teams and hasn’t taken one regular season snap. Yet there’s a small army of people who think he’s a combination of Joe Montana & Tom Brady. He isn’t even Steve DeBerg.

  4. Interception machine with bad judgement and timing, like the old Jamis Winston x10.

  5. Aside from the air mail throws he didn’t look that bad in the HOF game

  6. A perennial pre-season game All-Pro, that apparently doesn’t transfer to actual NFL games with real NFL players.

  7. As a vikings fan I say get him. He’s better than Mannion and better than Mond at this point in their careers. I know it was a bush league but his recent play there was good… if you want to keep Mannion, hire him as coach. That’s really the only reason he’s on the team. He’s a great dude but at best would maybe keep a drive to a FG. Know what I mean? I think Sloter might be good for a game or 2 if he got his confidence up. And I don’t think I’d worry about Kirk’s thoughts on the matter. Cousins has been really durable…but you’d better be prepared. And you have to be ready to win without a player. No way would they be ready with the backups now. Unless Mond really shows something in the preseason.

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