Jon Allen on Commanders firing Sam Mills: “It’s a great game but a terrible business”

Washington Commanders Off-Season Workout
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The Commanders fired defensive line coach Sam Mills III today, a surprising decision that left one of his players saddened.

Washington defensive tackle Jon Allen said it hurt to learn that the position coach he has played for since 2020 has been let go.

At the end of the day, it’s sad,” Allen said, via the Washington Post. “I think me and Coach Sam were getting along really well. We were really making some progress as a defensive unit. It’s the NFL. People just got to remember it’s a great game but a terrible business.”

Commanders head coach Ron Rivera has not explained precisely why he fired Mills, citing only “philosophical differences.” It seems likely that there’s more going on: Mills has been on Rivera’s staff for the last 12 years, first with the Panthers and then with the Commanders. It’s hard to see why “philosophical differences” would suddenly pop up during their 12th training camp together.

But whatever the reasons, Mills is now out of work, and Allen is expressing a feeling that many players and coaches have had about the business of professional football.

11 responses to “Jon Allen on Commanders firing Sam Mills: “It’s a great game but a terrible business”

  1. Well based on the D-Line performance last year, one may believe the firing was warranted…

  2. After 12 years working together in two different Cities, they now have “philosophical differences”?
    I would think this would occur during their first or second season together. There’s so much that goes on behind closed doors on teams that we never hear of.
    Jon Allen’s quote may or may not apply here, but I like it, “People just got to remember it’s a great game but a terrible business.”.

  3. The heat is on Rivera and he is trying to save his job. When the Commanders (Stupid name) have the bad season that they are destined for, Rivera is gone.

  4. Hogwash. This will be Riverbank Ron’s last year and this year will be a complete disaster.

  5. Weird that these philosophical differences weren’t worked out earlier this yer.

  6. The proof is in the pudding or the season. The D-Line stunk last year when it should have been at least in the top half of the league. It is odd that this happened at this time, but odd pretty much sums up anything that Snyder gets his hands on.

  7. It’s a great game and great business…if you win. Washington hasn’t consistently done that this century.

  8. please note the D line’s play improved significantly when both sweat and young were out with injuries.

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