Josh Gordon: I’m fighting for a spot just like everybody else

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We know that the Chiefs are going to have a different looking wide receiver corps in 2022, but we don’t know whether there will be a place in it for Josh Gordon.

Gordon played in 12 games and made seven starts for Kansas City last season, but only caught five passes for 32 yards and a touchdown in his first regular season action since the 2019 season. He said fitting into the offense was “a steep hill to climb” after signing in September and that he thinks this offseason provided him with a chance to build rapport with quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

At this point, though, Gordon said he has no inkling if that work has put him in strong position of earning a roster spot.

“There’s no telling. There’s no telling,” Gordon said, via Jesse Newell of the Kansas City Star. “I’d say cards are close to the vest I think, as they should be for everybody, for important reasons. More importantly, I just want to go out with the opportunities I get, give them 110 percent. The cards fall where they may, and see what happens. But I do not have an answer for that, to be honest. I don’t. I wasn’t a starter last year, so I’m fighting for a spot just like everybody else.”

Mecole Hardman is the top returning receiver and the team added Marquez Valdes-Scantling and JuJu Smith-Schuster in free agency before drafting Skyy Moore in the second round. If that quartet is safe, Gordon will have to show the team he provides more value than players like Daurice Fountain, Justin Watson, Corey Coleman, and Cornell Powell to stick around for another year.

13 responses to “Josh Gordon: I’m fighting for a spot just like everybody else

  1. It’s crazy to think how severe his punishment was for smoking weed, compared to the punishment players get for sexual assault, or violent crimes.

  2. The Josh Gordon story is over. He could still maybe make a team and come in for a few plays, but he hasn’t been very good for a while. Even when he was on the Patriots 4 years ago they were better without him in the end.

    Despite his suspensions, he really has been over-hyped since his incredible 2013 season in CLE. He’s never really done anything since.

  3. I have no idea why any team even gives this guy a look anymore. He was pretty good when he was younger. The way he keeps getting chances, you would think he was a once-in-a-generation talent, he isn’t.

  4. Cleveland probably would have Browns’ed him regardless but he had the potential to be a superstar in this league. Too bad Goodell ruined this man’s career over a harmless plant.

  5. The 2013 Browns, under Rob Chudzinski, used 3 quarterbacks to get Josh Gordon a league-leading 1,646 receiving yards (in only 14 games, missed 2 games due to his first suspension). Gordon was the first ever to have 2 back-to-back games with over 200 yards receiving. Gordon relied on Jason Campbell, Brandon Weeden, and Bryan Hoyer during that fabled season. Now, it’s up to Chad Henne and the Chiefs 2nd & 3rd team units to make Josh Gordon look good enough in preseason action to keep on the roster.

  6. He blew his chance to get into the HOF due to his demons. He had more talent, and size, and speed than many WR’s before and after him. He was almost unstoppable in his prime. Such a shame and waste of God-given talent…

  7. He has been suspended and kicked off teams since college. In the NFL, many of his suspensions were due to drinking, not weed. He also has been suspended and kicked off teams for not listening to coaches, not showing up to team meetings. So his problems went beyond his drinking and drug issues. He somehow has been suspended more than any player in NFL history with his most recent supposed to be a lifetime ban but he keeps getting these opportunities. Why? He had one good year. This is his 11th season. His only full season was in 2012, his rookie year. He has played in just 75 games from 2012-2021. In 2013 he had 1646 yards/9td in 14 games. In his other 61 games he has a combined 2,638 yards/12td.

  8. No one ruined this fraud’s career other than the clown himself. League’s have rules and just because potheads want to freely blow their smoke in our faces, your plant is not healthy and cease with your defense of those who continue to make poor decisions because they are under the influence.

  9. never know what tricks Andy has up his big sleeves. Wouldn’t surprise me if Gordon put up 1000 yard season. Also wouldn’t surprise me if he got cut. I’d take him as a last rd fantasy flier if he’s on KC roster.

  10. He somehow has been suspended more than any player in NFL history with his most recent supposed to be a lifetime ban but he keeps getting these opportunities. Why?
    It’s simple actually. Josh Gordon to my knowledge has not harmed anyone else but himself. Drinking or weed with no driving offenses or crimes committed? Why totally destroy a man’s career or life if it can be avoided?

  11. Hope he gets cut. All drama no production. In retirement he can do all the drugs he wants, since that is all he wants.

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